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12/23/02 - Court Ruling Blocks Oil Exploration Near Arches National Park

12/23/02 - NRDC Presents the Rolling Stones In a FREE Concert to Turn Up the Heat on Global Warming

12/20/02 - Belize Supreme Court Orders Public Hearings on Canadian-Backed Dam

12/16/02 - EPA Factory Farm Rule Puts Polluters First at Environment's Expense

12/12/02 - New White House Fuel Economy Move a Drop in the Bucket

12/12/02 - U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Roadless Area Conservation Rule

12/11/02 - White House Forest Fire Plan Would Increase Risk of Fire, Says NRDC

12/9/02 - NRDC Says Politics Trumped Law in Ruling Against GAO in Cheney Energy Task Force Lawsuit

12/4/02 - New Bush Global Warming Plan Covers Old Ground, Foils Solutions

12/3/02 - Unchecked Development and Pollution Threatens Water Quality and Recreation For Millions in New York and New Jersey

12/2/02 - Bush Administration Loses Appeal in California Offshore Drilling Case

11/22/02 - Bush Weakening of Clean Air Act Threatens Public Health, Says NRDC

11/14/02 - Federal Fisheries Service Denies Petition to Protect Imperiled Rockfish

11/13/02 - Public Health, Environmental Groups Resolve Smog Lawsuit with EPA

10/31/02 - Federal Court Blocks Full Deployment of Navy Low Frequency Active Sonar System

10/30/02 - Appeals Court Stops China Shipping Terminal Construction

10/30/02 - Court Blocks Oil Exploration Near Arches National Park

10/30/02 - Report Finds Deteriorating Infrastructure, Pollution Damaging California Drinking Water Supplies

10/18/02 - Clean Water Network Names 30 'Clean Water Heroes' on 30th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act

10/18/02 - Bush Administration Policy Threatens Clean Water, Says New Report

10/16/02 - New NRDC TV Spot Blasts White House for Threatening Clean Water Act

10/16/02 - New Report Finds U.S. Demand for Canadian Oil and Gas Is Destroying Canadian Environment

10/9/02 - 'Green Squad' Website Lets Kids Investigate Everyday Health and Environment Hazards in Their Schools

10/8/02 - NRDC Calls on Bush Administration to Stop Its Attack on Clean Water Act

10/3/02 - Defending NEPA from Bush's Environmental Assault

10/2/02 - EPA's Lax Chemical Security Plan

10/1/02 - Federal District Court Rules that Energy Department Reviews of Fusion Laser Project Violated Open-Government Law

9/26/02 - Conservation Groups Sue Department of Interior to Stop Oil Exploration near Arches National Park

9/26/02 - New Report Says California Faces Uncertain Gasoline Future

9/19/02 - Oil Security Sham: New Energy Bill Changes Will Increase Oil Demand

9/16/02 - Bush Administration Ramping Up Secrecy Fight

9/12/02 - In a September Shocker, Energy Conferees Move to Increase America's Dependence on Foreign Oil and Raise Threat of Nuclear Proliferation

8/30/02 - NRDC Calls on President Bush to Fulfill His Father's Promises at Rio

8/28/02 - Report: Sprawl Compounds Water Crisis in Drought-Stricken Cities

8/26/02 - NRDC Condemns Bush Administration Abandonment of California Water Plan

8/23/02 - Interior Department Ignores Own Analysis, Gives Green Light to Increased Haze at Mammoth Cave National Park

8/22/02 - Bush's Forest Proposal a "Smokescreen," says NRDC

8/20/02 - Environmental Groups Sue Army Corps of Engineers Over Rock Mining in the Everglades

8/12/02 - Judge Allows Suit to Proceed Against Energy Department over Nuclear Waste

8/12/02 - NRDC Television Ads Take Aim at Bush Efforts to Weaken Clean Air Rules

8/7/02 - Environmental Groups Sue to Stop Global Deployment of Navy Low Frequency Sonar System

7/30/02 - New Survey Confirms 90 Presidents and Prime Ministers Planning to Attend Johannesburg Summit

7/24/02 - Beach Closures and Advisories Up Again at Nation's Beaches

7/23/02 - America's Wetlands in Danger

7/22/02 - California Gov. Gray Davis Signs Landmark CO2 Pollution Measure; New Law Uses Power of American Know-How to Tackle Global Warming

7/17/02 - NRDC Faults District Sewage Plan for Emphasizing Centralized System

7/9/02 - The U.S. Senate Voted Wrong on Yucca Mountain

7/9/02 - Caterpillar and Truckers Fight to Stop Clean-up of Dirty Diesel Engines

7/3/02 - This Just In: Sludge May Be Hazardous to Your Health

7/1/02 - Watershed Air Pollution Measure Passes California Assembly Today, Puts State in the Driver's Seat in Fight Against Global Warming

7/1/02 - NRDC Sues Interior Department to Obtain More Administration Energy Task Force Secrets

6/27/02 - Landmark Power Plant Clean-Up Bill Headed to Senate Floor; Provides Pollution Relief, Counters White House Assault on Clean Air Safeguards

6/13/02 - NRDC Blasts Bush Administration's Rollback of Clean Air Rules

6/12/02 - 100 Years Later, U.S. Reclamation Bureau Stuck in 19th Century

6/10/02 - New Study Links Auto Use to Neighborhood Design

6/7/02 - Costa Rica's New "Environmental" President to Meet with President Bush

6/5/02 - NRDC Applauds Legislation to Support the Roadless Area Conservation Rule

6/3/02 - New Administration Report Admits Big Trouble from Global Warming, but White House Continues to Resist Action on Solutions

6/3/02 - Environmentalists Call for Urgent Steps to Respond to Groundfish Crisis

6/3/02 - New Studies Confirm Widely Used Agricultural Herbicide Poses Health Threat

5/23/02 - DOE Shift on Air Conditioners: Cold Comfort to Consumers and the Environment

5/22/02 - Local and National Groups to Sue City of Albany Over Faulty Lead Paint Reduction Program

5/21/02 - Energy Department Documents Verify Industry Influence over Bush Policies

5/21/02 - Trout & Salmon Streams Face Sharp Declines Due to Hotter Temperatures

5/21/02 - Data Shows Industry had Extensive Access to Cheney's Energy Task Force

5/20/02 - Bush-Putin Treaty Will Prolong Nuclear Standoff

5/13/02 - NRDC Applauds Costa Rican Rejection of Offshore Oil Drilling

5/10/02 - New Television Ads Ridicule Automakers' Fight Against Clean Cars

5/10/02 - Bush Administration Continues to Deny the Public's Right to Know Who Shaped Energy Plan

5/9/02 - Auto Pollution Bill Supporters Challenge Industry Smear Campaign on Capitol Steps

5/8/02 - Public Lands at Risk from Under Funding

5/8/02 - NRDC Praises Federal Court Decision that Administration Rule Change Allowing Mining Waste to be Dumped in Waterways is Illegal

5/6/02 - Environmentalists and State of Nevada Say Yucca Mountain Radiation Standards Violate Drinking Water Protection Law

5/3/02 - NRDC Hails Court Decision Upholding Diesel Cleanup Rule

5/3/02 - Environmentalists Criticize New Government Plan to Increase Polluted Stormwater in the Everglades

5/2/02 - California Senate Passes AB 1058 to Clean Up Global Warming Pollution from Cars

5/1/02 - Defense Department One Step Closer to Rolling Back Environmental Protections

4/26/02 - Energy Department Releases Index of Missing Cheney Energy Task Force Documents

4/25/02 - NRDC Sues U.S. for Failure to Protect Endangered Beluga Sturgeon

4/22/02 - Earth Day Report Documents Sweeping Rollback of Environmental Protections by Federal Agencies

4/19/02 - ExxonMobil, Bush Administration Succeed in Ousting Top Global Warming Scientist During Heated Geneva Meeting

4/19/02 - Environmentalists say NMFS Side Agreement is Business as Usual

4/18/02 - Environmentalists Hail Metro Decision to Expand Natural Gas Bus Program

4/16/02 - Environmentalists Win Suit to Protect Pacific Groundfish

4/15/02 - Study Finding Atrazine Causes Serious Sexual Side Effects in Frogs Means Major Problems for Public Health and Environment

4/11/02 - Energy Department Still Stonewalling Over Task Force Records

4/3/02 - Confidential Papers Show Exxon Hand in White House Move to Oust Top Scientist from International Global Warming Panel

3/27/02 - Heavily Censored Energy Department Papers Show Industry is the Real Author of Administration's Energy Task Force Report

3/25/02 - States Faced with Severe Budget Shortfalls Shortchanging Smart Growth Programs, Report Finds

3/21/02 - New Report Benchmarks Air Pollution from Top 100 Electric Companies, Shows Wide Disparities Among Competitors

3/20/02 - EPA Documents Reveal Plan to Weaken Air Quality Protections

3/18/02 - Environmental Groups Settle Missile Defense Lawsuit Against Defense Department

3/14/02 - Trial Wraps Up on Worst Mercury Pollution in Maine's History

3/13/02 - Senate Fuel Economy Vote Sacrifices National Security to Special Interest Pressure

3/11/02 - NRDC Sues Justice Department for Failing to Issue Report on Chemical Plant Vulnerability to Terrorist Attacks

3/11/02 - Energy Politics Hit the Airwaves in Six More States: NRDC Runs Robert Redford Radio Ads in Delaware, Maryland, Nebraska, Wisconsin and the Dakotas

3/7/02 - NRDC Condemns Bush Administration's Policies as the 'Most Serious Threat Ever' to America's Environment at Senate Committee Hearing

3/5/02 - Backgrounder: Industry Attempting to Cripple Senate Energy Bill

2/28/02 - Trial Begins March 4, 2002 in Federal Court in Portland, Maine Mercury Pollution Case

2/28/02 - Report Exposes 'Corporate America's Trojan Horse In The States'

2/27/02 - NRDC To Obtain Cheney Energy Task Force Records

2/27/02 - NRDC Says Senate Energy Bill Promotes True Energy Security

2/25/02 - Department Of Interior Appeals Board Stays Oil Exploration At Utah's Dome Plateau

2/22/02 - Environmentalists Urge President Bush to Attend August 2002 Johannesburg Earth Summit

2/14/02 - Do the Math: White House Global Warming Plan Cooks the Books

2/14/02 - Environmental And Business Groups Sue to Stop Canadian Firm's Dam In Belize Rainforest

2/13/02 - New Medical Study Says Diesel Exhaust May Cause Asthma, Not Just Aggravate It

2/13/02 - Backgrounder: Faking Nuclear Restraint: The Bush Administration's Secret Plan For Strengthening U.S. Nuclear Forces

2/13/02 - NRDC Court Victory Invalidates EPA Permits Allowing Timber Companies to Dump Logs in Alaska Waters

2/12/02 - Groups Seek to Halt Oil and Gas Exploration Near Utah's Arches National Park

2/11/02 - NRDC-Sierra Club Clean Bus Campaign Applauds New Metro Natural Gas Buses And Fueling Station

2/8/02 - Save California's "Underwater Yosemite" In The Channel Islands, Urge Environmental Leaders And Local Citizens' Club

2/5/02 - Bush "Slash and Burn" Budget Would Subsidize Energy Companies at Expense of Environment and Public Health, Says NRDC

2/4/02 - Public Health And Environmental Coalition Sues EPA For Allowing Corporate Agriculture In California To Evade Clean Air Act

1/30/02 - NRDC Statement On The Passage Of Assembly Bill 1058

1/30/02 - NRDC Asks Court To Force Immediate Release Of Secret Energy Task Force Details

1/24/02 - Administration Snubs Lawsuit Seeking Facts On Secret Energy Task Force

1/23/02 - New Report Documents Sweeping Rollback of Environmental Protections by Federal Agencies

1/22/02 - Conservation Groups Announce Steps to Restore New England Fish Populations

1/16/02 - National Security & Oil: "Dangerous Addiction" Report Outlines Risks of Import Dependence, Offers Roadmap to Save 5 Million Barrels Per Day

1/10/02 - NRDC Statement On Bush Administration's Appeal Of Court Decision Protecting California Coast From New Offshore Oil Drilling

1/03/02 - Environmentalists Praise Federal Court Victory In New England Groundfish Lawsuit

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