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12/24/03 - Federal Court Blocks Bush Administration Plan to Cripple Key Clean Air Act Provision

12/18/03 - Wanted: Records Related to Lobbying Blitz Hatched by Bush Administration and Energy Industry Officials

12/18/03 - New Study Uncovers Long Term, Unanticipated Damage from Oil Spills

12/16/03 - Bush Administration Comes to Its Senses, Decides to Abandon Plans to Limit Clean Water Act Protections, Says NRDC

12/16/03 - Largest Global Warming Science Organization, Prominent Skeptic Join Science Consensus

12/16/03 - Bob Dole Lobbied White House to Prevent EPA Curbs on Hazardous Weed-Killer, NRDC Reveals

12/15/03 - Supreme Court Will Review Ruling in Trucks Case Against Administration

12/11/03 - FDA Advisory Proposal Fails to Adequately Warn Public About Mercury in Tuna

12/8/03 - Buckeye Technologies to Fenholloway River: Drop Dead

12/8/03 - Bloated Omnibus Bill also Blighted by Anti-Environmental Riders

12/5/03 - EPA's Mercury Proposal: More Toxic Pollution for a Longer Time

12/3/03 - Kremlin Corrects Kyoto Climate Comment, Voices Support for Warming Pact

12/3/03 - At-Risk Communities Burned by New Forests Law, Says NRDC

11/25/03 - House Members Tell Bush Administration to Maintain Clean Water Act Protections for Small Streams and Wetlands

11/21/03 - Congress Sends Sham Forest Bill to President Bush, says NRDC

11/21/03 - Environmental Leaders Optimistic on Schwarzenegger Nomination of Mike Chrisman as Secretary for Resources

11/21/03 - Democrats and Republicans Hold Firm Against Anti-Environmental Energy Bill

11/20/03 - Republican Energy Bill Shortchanges U.S. Jobs

11/20/03 - Omnibus Appropriations Bill Chock-Full of Anti-Environmental Riders

11/19/03 - Groups Will Sue Over Worst Dioxin Dump in the Nation

11/17/03 - America's Future Under the Energy Bill: More Polluted, Less Secure, says NRDC

11/14/03 - Domenici and Tauzin Announce Release of Energy Bill

11/13/03 - IAEA Report on Iran's Nuclear Program Available on NRDC Website

11/13/03 - Bill Jones Appointment Would Be an Environmental Disaster, says NRDC

11/13/03 - Bush Administration Withholding Documentation of Industry Interference in EPA Assessment of Widely Used Weed-Killer, NRDC Lawsuit Charges

11/13/03 - Robert Redford to Open NRDC 'Green Building'

11/12/03 - Senate Passes "Rider" that Strips Clean Air Protections

11/12/03 - Senate Exempts Department of Defense from Key Environmental Laws, Threatening Wildlife

11/12/03 - Senate Committee Passes Harmful Highway Bill

11/7/03 - House Exempts Department of Defense From Key Environmental Laws, Threatening Wildlife

11/3/03 - EPA Proposal Allowing Water Treatment Plants to Discharge Partially Treated Sewage Threatens Public Health, says NRDC

10/31/03 - EPA Refusal to Restrict Atrazine Despite Health Threat Ignores Scientific Evidence, says NRDC

10/30/03 - Senate Global Warming Vote a Political Turning Point, Shift in Climate Debate

10/27/03 - Lawsuit Challenges Gutting of Crucial Clean Air Act Program

10/23/03 - Environmental Groups Sue Army Corps of Engineers for Permitting Coal Companies to Bury Streams in Appalachia

10/21/03 - Environmentalists and AQMD Call on State to Adopt Tougher Pollution Controls to Cut Smog

10/20/03 - Dangerous Mercury Polluting Shenandoah River

10/17/03 - EPA Will Not Protect Public From Dioxins In Land-Applied Sewage Sludge

10/15/03 - Air Resources Board Finds Cancer Risk from Diesel School Buses

10/14/03 - EPA Failing To Protect Public from Weed-Killer's Cancer Threat, Says NRDC

10/13/03 - Statement from Joel Reynolds, NRDC, Regarding Navy LFA Settlement

10/13/03 - Navy Agrees To Limit Global Sonar Deployment

10/8/03 - Coalition Asks Federal Housing Agency to Cut Toxic Pesticide Use in Public Housing

10/2/03 - California Adopts World's First Fuel-Efficient Tires Law

9/24/03 - Conservation Groups Vow to Sue Florida Dairies for Contaminating Waterways

9/24/03 - White House Environmental Office Recommendations Could Shut Out Public from Environmental Review Process, Says NRDC

9/22/03 - West Coast Governors Launch New Global Warming Pollution Pact

9/15/03 - NRDC-Led Coalition and States Sue EPA For Not Protecting Children from Pesticides

9/9/03 - Chemical Plant Security: A Tale of Two Senate Bills

9/4/03 - New EPA Rules Take Small Step Forward, Giant Leap Backward, on Mercury

9/3/03 - EPA Air Official Leaving Bush Administration to Join Southern Co.

8/26/03 - Federal Court Restricts Global Deployment of Navy Sonar

8/22/03 - Bush Administration to Gut Clean Air Act: Rule Would Allow More Pollution at 17,000 Facilities

8/20/03 - NRDC Sues EPA for Failing to Protect Endangered Wildlife from Herbicide

8/18/03 - Little-Known Law Protects Public From Being Steamrolled in Rush to Build Roads

8/13/03 - Beach Closures and Advisories Second Highest in a Decade

8/7/03 - Bush BLM Maximizing Energy Development, Minimizing Environmental Protection

7/30/03 - Air Plan Would Doom Southern California to Decades of Smog

7/24/03 - Conservation Groups Accuse White House of Renewing Secret Energy Meetings

7/23/03 - New York State Takes Action to Defend Clean Water Act

7/17/03 - DOE Asks Congress to Reverse Recent Court Decision on High Level Waste

7/15/03 - McCain/Lieberman Global Warming Legislation Hits Senate Next Week

7/15/03 - California Republican Budget Plans Threaten Public Health and Environment

7/11/03 - Bush Administration Plans to Limit Scope of Clean Water Act

7/9/03 - Federal Judge Dismisses Westlands Lawsuit Against NRDC

7/8/03 - Legislation Exploits the Fear of Fire to Boost Logging

7/3/03 - Court Rules Energy Department Reclassification of Nuclear Waste Illegal

6/26/03 - International W.H.O./F.A.O Committee Recommends Sharply Reduced Safe Levels of Exposure to Mercury in Seafood

6/24/03 - 'Mass Destruction' on American Soil: Graphic TV Ads Confront White House, Big Power Companies Over Toxic Mercury and Other Dangerous Chemicals

6/20/03 - Court Upholds Arsenic-in-Tap-Water Rule Against State and Industry Lawsuit

6/11/03 - Offshore Areas No Longer Off-Limits to Harmful Oil and Gas Exploration

6/11/03 - Conservation Groups Intervene to Protect Clean Water From Oil Spills

6/11/03 - Report Finds Deteriorating Infrastructure, Pollution Threaten Municipal Drinking Water Supplies

6/11/03 - Limiting Clean Water Act Protection Could Contaminate Drinking Water

6/10/03 - NRDC Strongly Supports EPA's Proposal to Clean up Heavy, "Nonroad" Diesel Engines: Urges Administration to Finalize Plan As Soon As Possible and Proposes Five Improvements

6/9/03 - Bush Administration: "Honey, I Shrunk The Clean Water Act"

6/4/03 - NRDC Alert: Energy Bill Encourages Nuclear Proliferation

6/3/03 - Bush Administration Joins Agribusiness, Pesticide Makers Against Ozone Treaty Limits, Threatening Increased UV Radiation and More Cancer-Causing Chemical Use

6/3/03 - Court Strikes Down EPA Press Release on Human Testing, but Reconfirms Agency's Authority to Reject Unethical Pesticide Testing

5/30/03 - White House Forest Fire Plan Will Increase Risk of Fire, Says NRDC

5/28/03 - Bush Administration to Launch Attack on Essential Component of Endangered Species Act

5/21/03 - Federal Court Throws Out Challenge to EPA Plan to Reduce Thousands of Tons of Trash in Los Angeles-Area Waters

5/21/03 - NRDC's Reaction to Whitman Resignation

5/20/03 - Faulty Forest Bill Blazes Through House, Says NRDC

5/16/03 - Senate Tax Bill Blows Open $100,000 Loophole for Largest SUV Gas Guzzlers

5/7/03 - New Campaign Slams Detroit, Washington as U.S. Gas Mileage Hits 22-Year Low

4/29/03 - L.A. Area Senior Citizens Testify Before Environmental Protection Agency: Weaker Air Protections Unacceptable To Protect Senior Citizens' Health

4/24/03 - Business-Environment Report Finds Energy Efficiency Key to Prevent Another Power Crisis

4/21/03 - Independent Nat'l Academy of Public Administration Issues Major Challenge to Bush Administration Air Pollution Policies

4/17/03 - Friant Water Users Reject San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement

4/15/03 - Energy Exploration in Alberta's Castle Wilderness Would Threaten Wildlife

4/15/03 - Court Skeptical of Nebraska-Industry Suit Against Arsenic-in-Tap-Water Rule and Safe Drinking Water Act; NRDC Calls Suit Frivolous

4/11/03 - House Energy Bill Shirks Security Challenge, Keeps Us Hooked on Oil Imports

4/9/03 - Mercury Reduction Bill Would Help Safeguard Health, Says NRDC

4/8/03 - Bush's Voluntary Plan for Chemical Security: Not Worth the Wait

4/3/03 - Chemical Security Measures Killed Again

4/1/03 - Cheapening the Value Of Life: The Bush Administration's Death Discount

4/1/03 - The Hole in Our Homeland Security: Why Chemical Security Legislation is Needed Now

3/31/03 - They Can't Handle The Truth: The Pentagon's Myths About the Need for ESA Exemptions

3/27/03 - Efforts to Fix Energy Bill Face Uphill Battle in Congress

3/19/03 - Energy Bill is Unwelcome Blast From the Past, Says NRDC

3/18/03 - As Gas Prices Hit New Highs, NRDC Maps Path to Oil Security

3/13/03 - Consequences of Using Weapons of Mass Destruction in a U.S.-Iraqi War

3/12/03 - Above the Law? The Pentagon is Taking Aim at America's Public Health and Environmental Protections

3/10/03 - Environmentalists Sue EPA over New Factory Farm Pollution Rule

3/6/03 - Conservation Groups Call for National Park Service Moratorium on Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

3/5/03 - City of Los Angeles and Community and Environmental Groups Reach Record Settlement of Challenge to China Shipping Terminal Project at Port

2/27/03 - Bush Air Pollution Plan Delays and Dilutes Current Law, Threatens Public Health

2/27/03 - New Legislation Reaffirms Clean Water Act Protection

2/20/03 - Ridge's Terrorist "Ready" Plan Ignores Chemical Insecurity

2/19/03 - Ski Industry Teams With Top Environmental Group NRDC on New "Keep Winter Cool" Campaign to Fight Global Warming

2/15/03 - Energy Department Reclassifies High Level Waste to Avoid Cleanup

2/14/03 - Court Upholds Pathbreaking Plan to Reduce Water Pollution

2/13/03 - California's Clean Cars Program Under Attack

2/7/03 - Bush Administration Pushing for Methyl Bromide Exemption from Montreal Protocol

2/6/03 - White House Fuel Cell Plan Ignores Today's Oil Security Threat

1/31/03 - EPA Decision Limiting Atrazine Exposure Fails to Protect Public, Says NRDC

1/30/03 - NRDC Supports Congressional Efforts to Close SUV Loopholes

1/29/03 - Environmentalists Release Common Vision for Transforming Paper Industry

1/28/03 - State of the Union: Reaction from NRDC

1/16/03 - New Report Documents the Bush Administration's Sweeping Assault on the Environment

1/15/03 - Court Upholds Rules Requiring Small Cities and Developers To Clean Up Runoff Pollution

1/14/03 - Environmentalists Ask EPA Administrator Whitman to Disavow Encouraging Congress to Allow Her Agency to Delay Smog Cleanup

1/13/03 - New Administration Water Pollution Trading Policy is Illegal, Says NRDC

1/10/03 - New Administration Proposal Would Jeopardize Clean Water Act Protections for Streams, Lakes and Wetlands, says NRDC

1/7/03 - Senators McCain & Lieberman Launch Bi-Partisan Attack on Global Warming

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