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12/23/04 - New Jersey Governor's Offshore Wind Plan Could Spell Needless Delay for Clean Energy Development

12/23/04 - More Methyl Bromide in Your Stocking

12/22/04 - New Forest Rule Allows More Industrial Activity, Threatens Wildlife, says NRDC

12/17/04 - New Bush Ocean Policy a Step in the Right Direction, But Leaves Much to Be Done

12/16/04 - Condor Concern: Toxic Lead Hunting Ammo Targeted for Phase-Out

12/16/04 - Public Utilities Commission Vote Will Protect Electric Customers from Rising Costs Due to Global Warming, Says NRDC

12/16/04 - Final Days: Leavitt Signs Sharp Increase in Unhealthy Pesticide

12/15/04 - New California Energy Efficiency Standards Will Save Consumers Money and Reduce Pollution, says NRDC

12/9/04 - Rancho Mission Viejo Development Challenged in Court

12/8/04 - Stewing in Filth: EPA to Reverse Sewage Standard, Allow Massive Dumping

12/8/04 - National Energy Commission Report Paints Contrast With One-Sided Congressional, White House Energy Policies

12/8/04 - BLM Backs Off Oil and Gas Leasing Near Hovenweep National Monument

12/8/04 - California Appellate Court Upholds Results-Oriented Water Quality Plans

12/7/04 - Showdown: Carmakers Sue California on Global Warming Emissions Rule, Choose Litigation Over Innovation

12/7/04 - Pennsylvania County Hard-Hit by Toxic Pollutants, New Report Finds

12/6/04 - Army Corps of Engineers Violating Court Order by Allowing Coal Companies to Bury Streams With Mining Waste, Environmentalists Charge

11/24/04 - Major International Body Adopts Ground-Breaking Resolution on Ocean Noise Pollution

11/23/04 - EPA's New Stealth Campaign to Kill Regulation of Harmful Air Pollutants

11/19/04 - Congress Poised to Slash Funding for Clean Water Funding

11/18/04 - White House Overreaching on Environmental "Mandate"

11/18/04 - EPA Suit Against Maryland Sewer Authority Will Protect Public Health and Help Clean Up the Anacostia River, Conservationists Say

11/18/04 - Conservationists Launch Consumer Campaign Against Maker of Kleenex and Scott Tissue Products

11/11/04 - International Agreement Calls On Member States to Curb Military Sonar and Other Noise Technology

11/10/04 - Lawsuit Says Scattershot Federal Terror Rule Ensnares Law-Abiding Charities

11/9/04 - Polluters to Face Even Less Resistance from EPA in Second Bush Term; Enforcement Will Shift to States, Citizen Lawsuits, says NRDC and EIP

11/8/04 - Groups Sue EPA for Failing to Protect Children from Rat Poisons

11/8/04 - New Scientific Consensus: Arctic is Warming at Unprecedented Rate, Burning of Fossil Fuels is Culprit

10/28/04 - GM Lays Off 9,000 Truck Workers; Gas-Guzzler Business Plan is Crumbling, Says NRDC

10/28/04 - European Parliament Calls for Halt to High Intensity Naval Sonar Use

10/28/04 - Baseball Stadium on the Anacostia Should be Green, Conservationists Say

10/27/04 - Dead End Street: New Hummer Another Misstep for Troubled General Motors

10/25/04 - "O" Matters to Los Angeles: NRDC Sponsors Comic Photo Series

10/21/04 - Conservation Groups, Joined by L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, Sue Bush Administration Over Contaminated Santa Susana Nuclear Meltdown Site

10/20/04 - Many Latinos Disproportionately Vulnerable to U.S. Environmental Health Threats, Report Finds

10/8/04 - Backroom Deal: Congress OKs Abandoning Highly Radioactive Waste in South Carolina and Idaho, Threatening Drinking Water Supplies

10/7/04 - Health Advocates Urge Administration to Support Binding Global Mercury Treaty

10/1/04 - EPA Inspector General Finds Agency Undercut Ongoing Enforcement Suits Against Polluting Power Plants

10/18/04 - NRDC Offers Sweepstakes for Trip to Laguna San Ignacio Whale Nursery

9/28/04 - Enterprise and NRDC Launch $550 Million Initiative For Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Affordable Housing

9/24/04 - California Adopts Nation's First-Ever Global Warming Standard for Cars

9/23/04 - Schwarzenegger Signs Important Ocean and Air Bills

9/23/04 - Red Tape Redux: Auto Companies Threaten Legal Roadblocks to Stall California Emissions Standard

9/23/04 - Government Rule Cutting Wildlife Experts Out of Pesticide Reviews Illegal, Says Coalition of Conservation and Fishing Groups

9/22/04 - Conservationists Announce Lawsuit Against WSSC for Contaminating the Anacostia River and Threatening Public Health

9/22/04 - New York Adopts Landmark Renewable Energy Requirement; Renewables Commitment Is Second Largest in the Nation

9/21/04 - Senate Rejects Deep Clean Water Funding Cuts; Restores $500 Million to Va-Hud Spending Bill

9/21/04 - Administration's Nuclear Weapons Policies are Dangerous, Misguided, and Counterproductive, New NRDC Report Concludes

9/20/04 - Administration Fails to Stop Foreign Pest Invasions

9/17/04 - Groups Warn Against Dismantling State Environmental and Public Health Boards

9/17/04 - President Bush Should Act Immediately in Response to National Commission's Oceans Report, Says NRDC

9/16/04 - New Jersey to Use State Clean Air Laws to Cut Global Warming Pollution

9/16/04 - House Republicans Reject Effort to Force White House to Share Dirty Energy Secrets

9/15/04 - Clean Water Spending Cuts Threaten Environment, Employment, Public Health

9/09/04 - Governor Should Sign Law to Control Port Pollution Say Harbor Residents, Environmentalists and Elected Officials

8/27/04 - NRDC Coalition Wins Ruling to Restore San Joaquin River

8/26/04 - White House Climate Policy Remains Unchanged in Face of Science Shift

8/24/04 - More U.S. Waterways Polluted by Mercury, New EPA Data Reveals

8/24/04 - New Report Shows Saving Water Cuts Energy Use

8/23/04 - The Bush Administration's Unbalanced Plan to Drill in the Western Arctic

8/16/04 - National Parks in Peril: Less Funding, More Pollution

8/12/04 - Bush Administration Policy Makes America's Waters Vulnerable to Development, Pollution, Says New Report

8/9/04 - Environmental Review Fails to Test for Hazardous Waste on Land Slated for Homes and Schools

8/6/04 - California Zooms Toward Finish Line for Global Warming Standard

8/5/04 - Closures and Advisories Jump 51 Percent at Nation's Beaches

8/5/04 - Ford Escape Hybrid: The Right Solution at The Right Time

8/5/04 - Congress Turning Off the Tap for Clean Water Funding?

8/4/04 - Cities' Air Quality Takes a Big Hit as Climate Warms

8/3/04 - California Performance Review Must Not Result in Reduced Environmental Protection, Says NRDC

8/3/04 - NRDC Sues Feds for Hiding Methyl Bromide Pesticide Data

7/30/04 - Dairies Held In Contempt over Manure Pollution

7/29/04 - Oil Prices, Profits Hit Record Highs, Threatening U.S. Auto Jobs

7/28/04 - Budget Deal Shifts Environmental Costs from Business to Taxpayers, Says NRDC

7/27/04 - Port of Stockton Sued Over Massive Expansion Project

7/22/04 - Another Major Source of Mercury Pollution: Light Switches in Scrapped Cars

7/21/04 - New Lawsuits Put Top Global Warming Polluters in the Legal Crosshairs

7/21/04 - Ocean Rescue: Congress Acts to Save Our Seas

7/20/04 - Senators Block Industry Lobbyist from Lifetime Judicial Post

7/20/04 - Whaling Commission's Science Panel Says Marine Mammals Threatened by Man-Made Noise

7/15/04 - Conservation Groups Call for Federal Ban on Mercury in Children's Toys and Novelty Items

7/15/04 - Coalition Warns Navy Over Destructive Use of Mid-Frequency Sonar

7/12/04 - Bush Policy Roadblocks Forest Protection

7/9/04 - Environmentalists, Nevada Prevail On Key Issue of Yucca Court Case

7/9/04 - Court Buries Corps' Illegal Permit for Stream Destruction by Mining Companies

7/8/04 - Groups Announce Plans to Sue EPA for Failing to Set Standards Controlling Strip Mall and Subdivision Stormwater Pollution

7/6/04 - California Global Warming Emissions Rule: Legal Precedent Favors New Tailpipe Standard Despite Automaker Gripes

6/29/04 - EPA Must Deliver More Stringent Mercury Rule, Says NRDC

6/28/04 - NRDC Reveals More Energy Task Force Records

6/24/04 - Supreme Court Takes Pass on Task Force Secrecy

6/21/04 - World's First Electrified Container Terminal Unveiled

6/18/04 - Morro Bay One Big Step Closer to Clean Water

6/15/04 - NRDC Praises Governor's Proposed Funding for Vehicle Clean-Up Program

6/14/04 - Honda Says It Could Meet Global Warming Requirements

6/10/04 - U.S. Conservationists, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Visit Manitoba's Heart of the Boreal Forest

6/7/04 - Underwater Mountains Threatened by Fishing, According to New Report

6/7/04 - Supreme Court Allows Old Mexican Trucks to Pollute U.S. Communities

6/4/04 - Schwarzenegger Talks Tough on Ocean Protection, Says NRDC

6/4/04 - Earth Legacy Campaign Launched at World Environment Day Celebration in San Francisco

6/3/04 - State Department of Public Service Recommends that New York Adopt 25 Percent Renewable Energy Requirement

6/3/04 - Senate Passes Graham Amendment to Reclassify Radioactive Waste to Avoid Cleaning It Up

5/26/04 - Conservationists Ask Court to Protect Georges Bank Cod and Other New England Groundfish

5/26/04 - California Moving Toward Reducing Petroleum Dependence, Says NRDC

5/25/04 - EPA and Fort Worth Colluding to Expose City Residents to Asbestos, According to Leaked EPA Documents

5/21/04 - Court Protects Utah's Fragile Nine Mile Canyon from Harmful Energy Development

5/14/04 - Governor's Budget Affirms CALFED Safeguards, Says NRDC

5/10/04 - EPA Rule Means Progress Against Diesel Pollution According to Natural Resources Defense Council

5/6/04 - Republican House Leaders Reject Pentagon Effort to Exempt Military from Health Laws

5/6/04 - The Buffalo Slaughter Continues in Yellowstone

5/4/04 - Florida Grand Jury Blasts Federal, State and Local Authorities for Failing to Protect State Residents from Water Pollution

5/4/04 - New Bill Would Help Clean Up Lead-in-Drinking-Water Problem, Says NRDC

5/4/04 - Controversial Disaster Film Casts Spotlight on Global Warming

4/29/04 - NRDC Senior Scientist Dr. Gina Solomon Wins ALA Clean Air Award

4/28/04 - U.S. Supreme Court Decision Prolongs Fight for Clean Air

4/27/04 - NRDC Extends Deadline for Final Rule on Power Plant Pollution

4/26/04 - Conservation and Historic Preservation Groups Sue to Protect Cultural Resources from Energy Development

4/23/04 - President Bush's Visit to Polluted Florida Bay Highlights Administration's Anti-Environmental Policies, Says NRDC

4/23/04 - U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Cheney Energy Case

4/22/04 - Bush Pledge to Protect Wetlands a PR Ploy to Cover Up His Abysmal Record, Says NRDC

4/22/04 - Congress Urged to Pass Responsible Energy Legislation

4/21/04 - In Harm's Way: The Pentagon's Push to Protect Polluters at the Expense of Public Health

4/19/04 - U.S. Must Act Immediately and Decisively On National Oceans Report, Says NRDC

4/15/04 - Remarks by Robert F. Kennedy, NRDC Senior Attorney, Regarding the Bush Administration's Environmental Record

4/15/04 - Report Documents Bush Administration's Accelerated Assault on America's Environment

4/14/04 - Better Gas Mileage: The Only Message OPEC Will Understand

4/14/04 - New Report Benchmarking Air Pollution from Top 100 Electric Companies Shows Carbon Dioxide Pollution Increasing

4/13/04 - Bush Administration Wasting Billions on Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Research and Production, Report Charges

4/12/04 - Robert Redford Takes To Airwaves in National Fight for the Environment

4/8/04 - Most 'Streamlining' Transportation Projects Bad for the Environment and Public Health, Says New Report

4/8/04 - Caltrans Agrees to New Highway Designs and Retrofits to Protect the Coast from Polluted Storm Water Runoff

4/2/04 - EPA Gives Developers a Free Ride to Pollute Waterways

4/2/04 - Environmental Protections Sideswiped: Transit Funding Survives

4/1/04 - Federal Court Orders Release of Cheney Energy Task Force Records

3/31/04 - Schwarzenegger Nominates Conservationist to Fishery Council

3/31/04 - EPA to Announce Toothless Regulation for Pollution from Commercial and Residential Development

3/24/04 - Bush Administration Withholding Evidence that White House and Industry Are Blocking Rocket Fuel Pollution Cleanup, NRDC Lawsuit Charges

3/22/04 - New Study Says U.S. Seaports Are Largest Urban Polluters

3/19/04 - Federal Advisory For Mercury-Contaminated Fish Proves We Need To Remove Mercury From Commerce, Says NRDC

3/18/04 - Conservation Groups Announce Plans to Sue EPA to Protect Florida's Waters

3/17/04 - Transportation Bill Could Promote Inactivity, Intensify Obesity Epidemic

3/12/04 - Stop the Slaughter: Yellowstone's Buffalo Herd Must Be Protected

3/12/04 - EPA Inspector General Finds Bush Administration and EPA Misled Public About Improvements in National Drinking Water Quality

3/11/04 - California Admits Drinking Water Threat to Pregnant Women and Infants, But Groups Say Public Health Goal Still Too High

3/10/04 - Global Warming and Sudden Climate Change

3/8/04 - Court Orders State of Florida to Enforce Water Permit Program for Large-Scale Dairies

3/4/04 - The Bush Administration's New Raid On Ozone Layer

3/1/04 - Court Rejects Over Half a Dozen Claims by L.A. County and Local Cities Challenging Rules to Reduce Polluted Urban Runoff

2/27/04 - Bush Mercury Policy Threatens the Health of Women and Children

2/26/04 - District Residents and National Health Advocates Demand Emergency Action on D.C. Lead-in-Tap-Water Crisis

2/26/04 - NRDC Announces Annual BioGems List of 12 Most Threatened Wildlands in the Americas

2/25/04 - Soviet Missile Defense System Prompted Massive U.S. Nuclear Strike Plan, Upcoming Story in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Reveals for the First Time

2/20/04 - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on "The Junk Science of George W. Bush" in the Nation

2/19/04 - National Academy of Sciences Human Testing Study Grossly Inadequate, Says NRDC

2/19/04 - Aging U.S. Sewer Systems Threaten Public Health, New Report Finds

2/19/04 - Keep Winter Cool: Ski Areas Team With Conservation Group to Fight Global Warming

2/17/04 - EPA Failing to Protect Americans from Chlorine Plant Mercury Pollution, According to NRDC-Sierra Club Lawsuit

2/16/04 - Everglades Mining Project Poses Greater Threat to Dade County's Drinking Water than Previously Thought, Government Studies Show

2/13/04 - Senate Transportation Bill Veers Off Course, Says NRDC

2/12/04 - The Bush Proposals to Curb Nuclear Proliferation

2/4/04 - Bush Budget Balloons America's Environmental Deficit

2/4/04 - New Report Finds Fuel Cell Forecasts Cloudier Than Expected

2/4/04 - Broad Coalition Sends Message to BLM: Do Oil & Gas Right

1/30/04 - EPA Science Advisory Committee Urges Administrator Leavitt to Strengthen Controls on Power Plant Mercury Pollution

1/29/04 - Split London Court Decision Allows Controversial Belize Dam Project to Proceed

1/27/04 - NRDC to Leavitt: Chesapeake Bay Protection Efforts Fall Short

1/26/04 - Americans Who Eat Canned Albacore Tuna Ingest Too Much Mercury, New Data Shows

1/22/04 - Bush Administration Plan to Give Western Arctic to Oil Industry Will Industrialize Largest Remaining Wilderness Area in Nation

1/22/04 - Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurie David Open NRDC Environmental Action Center, Part of Conservation Group's Drive for Mass Activism

1/21/04 - Bush Runs Away from His Environmental Record in State of the Union Speech

1/16/04 - The Benefits of Reinstating the Clinton Air Conditioner Standard

1/14/04 - Go Truck Yourself: Outdoorsy Subaru Dodges Fuel Economy Rules

1/14/04 - Environmentalists and State of Nevada in Court to Challenge Yucca Mountain Radiation Standards

1/13/04 - Governor Should Stand Behind California Marine Act, Says NRDC

1/13/04 - Administration Rollback of Energy Standards Illegal: Air Conditioners Must Comply with 2001 Regulations

1/13/04 - Internal Utility Industry Documents Reveal Conspiracy to Violate Clean Air Laws and Harm Public Health

1/12/04 - New Legislative Director at NRDC: Dr. Karen Wayland

1/9/04 - California Can't Balance Budget On Environment's Back, Says NRDC

1/9/04 - As Primary Nears, NH Citizens Hit the Airwaves on Global Warming

1/7/04 - Recycling Saves the City Money Says New Subway Advertising Campaign

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