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12/28/05 - Analysis of New Independent Tests Shows How Returning Gulf Coast Residents Can Best Clean Up Dangerous Mold

12/21/05 - Statement on Release of the NEPA Task Force Report

12/21/05 - Attempt to Add Arctic Drilling to Defense Bill Fails; Cynical Ploy Falls Flat

12/21/05 - Congress Approves Budget Plan Free of Harmful Environmental Provisions

12/20/05 - Northeast Governors Sign Landmark Global Warming Pollution Pact

12/19/05 - EPA Replaces Controversial Sewage Treatment Policy with Safer Alternative Developed by NRDC, Wastewater Utilities

12/16/05 - NRDC's Position on the Cape Wind Project, Nantucket Sound

12/15/05 - Senate Committee Advances Fishery Protections

12/8/05 - Montreal Global Warming Summit News: U.S. Mayors Taking Action Against Global Warming

12/1/05 - New Testing Shows Widespread Toxic Contamination In New Orleans Soil, Neighborhoods

11/22/05 - GM Announces Deep Cuts as Lawmakers Link Jobs, Oil, Competitiveness

11/21/05 - New Evidence Shows Marine Life Is Under Seige from Rising Ocean Noise

11/18/05 - House Votes for Public Land Give Away, Eliminates Successful Energy Savings Initiatives

11/17/05 - Public Health Groups Reach Agreement with EPA to Issue New Drinking Water Rules

11/16/05 - Senators Back Fisheries Protection in Ocean Law

11/16/05 - New Private Testing Shows Dangerously High Mold Counts in New Orleans Air

11/15/05 - Congress Approves Funding For Nuclear Spent Fuel Reprocessing Projects

11/14/05 - Feds Revoking Endangered Species Protection for Yellowstone Grizzlies, Threatening to Reverse America's Great Conservation Success Story

11/10/05 - House Poised To Vote on Controversial Budget Bill

11/10/05 - Court Issues Injunction Blocking Army Corps Florida Panhandle Permit

11/3/05 - Senate Continues Assault on Arctic Refuge, Approves Drilling in Protected Wilderness

11/3/05 - Rep. Walden's Bill Would Deal Final Blow to Fire-Ravaged Forests

11/2/05 - Mayor Newsom Proclaims November 2 "John Adams Day" in San Francisco

11/2/05 - 32 Community and Conservation Groups Warn Congress Not to Shortchange Health, Environment in Gulf Coast Restoration Spending

10/27/05 - NRDC, Wastewater Utilities Join Forces on National Plan to Keep Sewage Out of Our Waters

10/26/05 - House Committee Throws Coastal Waters Open to Drilling, Clears Big Oil to Plunder Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

10/26/05 - NRDC Praises Senate Committee for Refusing To Relax Permits for Oil Refineries

10/19/05 - Navy Sued Over Harm to Whales From Mid-Frequency Sonar

10/13/05 - EPA Proposal Announced Today Would Effectively Exempt Coal-Fired Power Plants from Key Clean Air Act Standard, Says NRDC

10/12/05 - LSU Katrina Floodwater Study Widely Misinterpreted, Should Not Lull Returning Residents into Complacency About Risks, Says NRDC

10/12/05 - Endangered Species: Conservationists Call for New Polar Bear Protections

10/7/05 - House Passes Shameful Energy Bill

10/05/05 - Barton Bill More Boondoggle Than Energy Boom

10/4/05 - NRDC Experts Surveying New Orleans Warn of Toxic Threats to Katrina Victims

10/3/05 - New Administration Energy Plan: Consumers, It's All on You

9/29/05 - New House Bill Would Cripple Endangered Species Act

9/28/05 - Congress Exploiting Hurricanes to Push Energy Legislation That Rewards Rich Oil and Gas Companies

9/26/05 - State Should Track Toxics in Californians' Bodies, Says NRDC

9/22/05 - White House, Congress Exploiting Hurricane to Weaken Health, Environmental Protections

9/22/05 - California Launches Biggest Energy Efficiency Program in History

9/21/05 - Ford Motor's Bold New Hybrid Plan Raises Industry Bar, Sets Course for Growth

9/21/05 - Katrina's Wake: Health, Environment, Energy Challenges for Recovery

9/20/05 - Thousands of Citizens Converge on Washington, D.C. for Arctic Refuge Action Day

9/19/05 - New Bush Fisheries Bill Flouts Recommendations by President's Own Oceans Commission

9/19/05 - Arctic Refuge Coalition Prepares For Unprecedented Citizen Action Day

9/15/05 - As Katrina Oil Spills Mount, Congress Calls for More Coastal Drilling

9/8/05 - California Gasoline Waiver Will Increase Air Pollution, Says NRDC

9/7/05 - Lawsuit: Feds Skip Energy Saving Standards, Stick Consumers With the Bill

8/31/05 - EPA Proposal Would Effectively Exempt Coal-Fired Power Plants from Key Clean Air Act Standard

8/24/05 - Court Rules That Depleted Fish Must Be Restored As Quickly As Possible

8/23/05 - New Fuel Economy Rule Falls Far Short of National Need

8/12/05 - Federal Judge Blocks Oil and Gas Lease Extensions off California Coast

8/10/05 - Federal Judge Sends Army Corps Back to Drawing Board on New York/New Jersey Harbor Dredging Project

8/8/05 - Court Finds EPA Rules Fail to Protect Children from Rat Poisons

8/8/05 - One of Nine Chlorine Industry 'Dinosaurs' to Go Extinct

8/5/05 - Federal Court Tosses Controversial Logging Plan

8/5/05 - Legal Fight Over Panhandle Development Permits Heats Up; Conservation Group Seeks Injunction Blocking Army Corps End-Run

8/3/05 - Historic Agreement Between Mexican Fishing Industry, Conservation Groups Aims to Save World's Rarest, Most Endangered Porpoise

7/29/05 - Few Bright Spots in Transportation Bill

7/29/05 - Court Rules Water Contracts Violate Endangered Species Act

7/28/05 - Congress Set to Pass Massive Energy Bill That Ignores America's Energy Needs

7/28/05 - Contamination Forces More Beach Closings Nationwide

7/27/05 - Congress Rebukes White House on Human Pesticide Testing

7/27/05 - Congress Cutting Clean Water Funding for Communities

7/27/05 - More Trouble Ahead for Big Three U.S. Automakers? Analysts Predict Huge Job, Earnings Crash on Next Oil Price Spike

7/26/05 - Conservationists, EPA and WSSC Reach Settlement on Sewer Overflows

7/26/05 - Energy Bill a 'Waste of Energy', Says NRDC

7/21/05 - Feds to Propose New Fuel Economy Rules for Pickups, SUVs & Minivans

7/19/05 - Congress Rejects Oil Savings in Energy Bill...Again

7/18/05 - Chile Urged to Create Sanctuary for Endangered Blue Whales

7/18/05 - Rep. Bass Putting MTBE Polluters Before People

7/15/05 - Court Fails to Decide EPA Authority to Regulate Global Warming Pollution

7/13/05 - NRDC Praises Legislation Protecting Kids from Chemicals

7/12/05 - White House Veteran Steps Into New Leadership Post at NRDC

7/12/05 - Environmental and Public Interest Groups "Exxpose" Exxon

7/8/05 - Bush Administration Fails to Block World Action on Global Warming

7/7/05 - Feds Expected to Revoke Protection for Yellowstone Grizzlies in July

7/7/05 - Groups Say California Environment Gets "Band-Aid" Budget

6/29/05 - Senate Rebukes Bush Administration on Human Pesticide Testing

6/29/05 - Bowater Announces Memorandum of Understanding With Leading Conservation Groups to Protect Southern Forests, Cumberland Plateau

6/24/05 - Court Strikes Down Bush Rollbacks of Clean Air Act, Upholds Others

6/23/05 - U.S. Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Agribusiness Attack on Environmental Laws

6/23/05 - Senate Energy Bill Expected to Pass; Fails Energy Security Test

6/22/05 - Senate Says: U.S. Must Enact Mandatory Limits on Global Warming Pollution, Time Has Come For Real Action

6/21/05 - GAO Perchlorate Report Demands Action, NRDC Says

6/21/05 - Senate Energy Bill Retains Provision Allowing Offshore Seismic Exploration

6/17/05 - Court Orders Bush Administration to Release Some Energy Records, But Some to Remain Secret

6/16/05 - Behold, Another Oceans Bill in Congress

6/16/05 - Senate Rejects Energy Bill Amendment to Reduce Foreign Oil Dependence

6/16/05 - Plan to Cut Trash in Southern California Waters Upheld by U.S. Appeals Court

6/16/05 - New Grazing Rules Will Rip Up Public Land

6/16/05 - Federal Court Affirms Lower Court Decision Okaying Pollution Increases at Eight Duke Energy Power Plants

6/16/05 - Congressional Report Documents Unethical Chemical Industry Pesticide Tests on Human Beings

6/14/05 - Coming Soon To America's Coasts: More Drilling?

6/9/05 - New Mexico Gov. Richardson Joins Global Warming Action Outside Washington

6/9/05 - New Legislation Aims to Bail Out Oceans

6/9/05 - Energy Bill: Haste Makes a Wasted Opportunity

6/7/05 - Farm Children Threatened by Toxic Pesticides, According to Lawsuit

6/1/05 - Governor's Global Warming Announcement Continues Tradition of California Leadership

6/1/05 - Evidence Showing Harm to Whales Withheld by Bush Administration

5/24/05 - Conservation Groups Intervene to Protect 27 Endangered California Species

5/20/05 - EPA Sewage 'Blending' Proposal Gets Dumped

5/19/05 - NRDC Challenges Second EPA Mercury Rule

5/18/05 - Army Corps of Engineers' Permit Fast-Tracking Development in Florida Panhandle Violates Federal Law, Lawsuit Charges

5/18/05 - Victory in Transportation Bill for Clean Air, Transit and Trails

5/11/05 - Congress: Just Say No to Sewage Dumping

5/9/05 - Mayor Bloomberg Signs Landmark Air Pollution Bills

5/9/05 - Court Ruling Upholds Clean Vehicle Fleet Rules

5/13/05 - Gas Guzzler Business Model Bankrupting Detroit

5/6/05 - Support Growing for Removing U.S. Nuclear Weapons From Europe

5/5/05 - Bush Administration Replaces Roadless Rule with "Treeless" Rule, Cutting Landmark Protections For National Forests

5/4/05 - House Subcommittee Cuts Clean Water, Land Conservation Funding

4/28/05 - Congress Approves Budget Resolution that Cuts Environmental Protection Funding and Brings Arctic Drilling One Step Closer

4/28/05 - NASA, Department Of Energy Scientists Find "Smoking Gun" Evidence Of Global Warming

4/28/05 - Clean Water Victory in Transportation Bill

4/27/05 - Bush Energy Speech: Old Ideas Skirt Genuine Security, Price Solutions

4/22/05 - New York's Green Apples, Bad Apples: NRDC Earth Day Picks 2005

4/19/05 - NRDC.org Nominated for Best Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit Category for the Ninth Annual Webby Awards

4/18/05 - New Voices in National Energy Debate Seek to "Re-energize America"

4/14/05 - Top U.S. Furniture Makers Warned: Illegal Mahogany from Peru Threatens Native People, Amazon Forest

4/7/05 - Morro Bay Commits to Cleaner Water Faster

4/4/05 - California Supreme Court Rejects Burbank, L.A. Challenge to U.S. Clean Water Act Implementation

3/31/05 - Government-Industry Funding for Chemical Research Needs Clear Conflict-Of-Interest Rules, Says GAO

3/31/05 - House Energy Bill: Stop the Fuelishness

3/31/05 - California Supreme Court Lets Stand Major Clean Water Decision

3/30/05 - International Study Highlights NRDC Call for U.S. Commission on Global Environmental Threats

3/29/05 - White House Weakens EPA Cancer Safeguards to Protect Chemical Industry Instead of Children

3/28/05 - L.A. Superior Court Upholds Strict Plan to Reduce Water Pollution

3/28/05 - Northeast States Lead Regional Global Warming Initiative

3/25/05 - Energy Policy: President Bush Talks the Talk, Doesn't Walk the Walk

3/24/05 - New EPA 'Do-Nothing' Mercury Pollution Rules Dangerous to Public Health

3/18/05 - EPA Air Pollution Settlement with Ohio Utility Shows Enforcing the Law Works, Says NRDC

3/16/05 - Senate Puts Oil Companies First in Fight Over Arctic Refuge

3/15/05 - Power Plants Evade Tough Mercury Cleanup Requirements

3/10/05 - House Transportation Bill Weakens Health and Environmental Safeguards, Limits Public Participation in Highway Decisions

3/10/05 - EPA Issues Rule Promising Cleaner Air for Parts of Eastern Half of Country

3/10/05 - Leading Force for American Environment Will Pass the Torch in 2006

3/9/05 - Bill Weakening Clean Air Act Dies in Senate Committee

3/9/05 - Bush Administration Sued Over Oil and Gas Lease Extensions off California Coast

3/8/05 - NRDC's 2005 BioGems: Twelve Most Threatened Wildlands in the Americas

3/7/05 - EPA Air Pollution Settlement with Illinois Utility Shows Current Clean Air Act Works, Says NRDC

3/4/05 - Will White House Allow New EPA Chief to Protect Environment and Public Health?

3/3/05 - Pentagon Renews Attack on Public Health and Environment

3/3/05 - NRDC Praises Bipartisan Legislation to Block EPA From Dumping Sewage in America's Waterways

3/2/05 - State Appeals Court Upholds Ruling Requiring Florida Dairies to Stop Dumping Cow Manure Into Waterways

3/1/05 - Energy Department Cannot Leave Highly Radioactive Waste In Tanks Without EPA Or NRC Approval, National Academy Of Sciences Panel Says

2/28/05 - Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down EPA Factory-Farm Pollution Rule

2/28/05 - Mercury Pollution Costs U.S. Economy Billions of Dollars Annually, New Study Estimates

2/25/05 - United States Blocks Mandatory Agreement on Cleaning Up World Mercury Pollution at UN Conference

2/25/05 - NRDC Submits Comments on Cape Wind Project as Public Comment Period Closes

2/23/05 - Coming Soon: More Sewage in Your Water?

2/23/05 - Top Winter Athletes, Companies Join Forces in Environmental Push

2/22/05 - Congress Urges EPA to Dump Its Sewage Dumping Policy

2/18/05 - EPA Health Goal for Rocket Fuel-Contaminated Drinking Water Fails to Protect Infants and Unborn Children, Says NRDC

2/17/05 - EPA Making Illegal, Secret Agreements with Pesticide Makers, Threatening Public Health, Lawsuit Charges

2/16/05 - Lawsuit Filed to Stop Unsafe Dredging in NY/NJ Harbor Superfund Site

2/11/05 - Bush Budget Follow Up: State-By-State Clean Water Cuts

2/10/05 - Schwarzenegger Withdraws Hendrickson Nomination to California Fish and Game Commission

2/10/05 - NATO Challenged by International Coalition to Reduce Sonar Harm to Whales and Other Marine Species

2/10/05 - Global Warming Bill Means Thousands of New Jobs

2/10/05 - NRDC Finds More Polluter Fingerprints on Proposed Air Legislation

2/9/05 - New Report: Five-Casino Plan Means Seven-Mile Backups, Near Double Traffic Volume on Catskills' Main Artery

2/9/05 - America's Environmental Security Threatened by Funding Cuts

2/9/05 - United States Still Deploys Some 480 Nuclear Weapons in Europe, Report Finds

2/4/05 - Bush Officials Blocked EPA From Protecting Public From Harmful Mercury Pollution From Power Plants, Says NRDC

2/2/05 - California to Consider Phasing Out Lead Ammunition

2/1/05 - "Clear Skies" Bill Crafted by Polluters, Testimony Reveals

2/1/05 - NY State Law: Catskills Casino Plan Requires Cumulative Impact Assessment of All Five Gaming Complexes Before Proceeding

1/31/05 - United States and European Commission Diverge Sharply on How to Curb Mercury Pollution

1/28/05 - Lead Coalition Report: Getting The Lead Out? The D.C. Tap Water Crisis One Year Later

1/28/05 - Official Response to D.C. Lead-in-Tap-Water Crisis Gets Poor to Failing Grades, Says Coalition of District Residents and Health Advocates

1/27/05 - PUC Vote Spells Relief For California Energy Consumers, Says NRDC

1/19/05 - Groups Urge Emergency Standard for Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water

1/19/05 - NRDC Assesses Bush First Term Environmental Record

1/11/05 - New Ads Challenge Detroit to Build More Hybrids

1/10/05 - Academy Succumbs to Pentagon-White House-Industry Pressure, Recommends Perchlorate Safety Level that Fails to Protect Children

1/10/05 - White House, Pentagon, Industry Secretly Colluded to Skew National Academy of Sciences Perchlorate Report, Documents Show

1/4/05 - Giant Harbor Project Collides With Dioxin-Laced Superfund Site in Newark Bay; Army Corps, Port Authority Ignore Warnings, Fail to Plan for Health and Environmental Danger

1/3/05 - Industry and Environmentalists Join to Urge Responsible Natural Gas Policy

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