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12/27/06 - Conservation Groups Advance Protections for Polar Bear from Global Warming

12/19/06 - NRDC, Civil Rights Leaders Join Fight to Save Allensworth State Historic Park

12/13/06 - Holiday Gift: EPA Allows Millions of Pounds of Ozone-depleting Chemical

12/12/06 - Trash Landings: Airlines Toss Enough Cans Each Year to Build Fleet of Airliners

12/11/06 - Congress Targets Gulf Coast for Drilling

12/7/06 - Congress Acts to Protect Fisheries

12/6/06 - San Joaquin River Restoration Bill Introduced in Congress

12/4/06 - Common Pesticide Poses Serious Threat, New Study Finds

11/30/06 - Get the Lead Out: Wildlife Advocates File Suit to Replace Toxic Ammo with Safer Alternatives

11/31/06 - Pentagon is Exaggerating China's Nuclear Capability to Justify Buying New Generation of U.S. Weapons, Report Finds

11/27/06 - Boom in Nanotechnology Poses Consumer Risks, NRDC Warns

11/20/06 - Transition: Top New York State Environmental Litigator Moves to NRDC

11/16/06 - Green Day Teams With Green Group in Campaign to 'Move America Beyond Oil'

11/16/06 - Federal Agency Threatens to Dump Toxic Mercury Stockpile on Open Market; Experts Warn Potent Toxin Would Boomerang Back to U.S. Dinner Plates

11/15/06 - NRDC Creates Science Center

11/14/06 - Conservationists and Pilots File Suit against FAA's $331-Million Florida Panhandle 'Airport to Nowhere'

11/13/06 - Energy Department Agrees To Accelerate Introduction Of New, Improved Energy Savings Standards

11/9/06 - Online Satellite Map, New Article Track Thousands of Nuclear Weapons Still in U.S. Arsenal, 15 Years after the End of the Cold War

11/7/06 - TXU Touts Pig in a Poke Pollution Plan

11/6/06 - Court of Appeal Modifies Ruling, Gives Full Victory to Clean Water Advocates

11/2/06 - Energy Industry Deceived Public, Supreme Court, Documents Reveal

11/2/06 - New 'Ambitious Centrist' Global Warming Solutions Plan Enters Fray

10/30/06 - Chemical Companies Rake in Millions Producing Unnecessary Ozone-Depleting Chemical

10/30/06 - Report Says Global Warming's Impacts Are Not Inevitable

10/18/06 - Popular California State Park Welcomes This Year's Two Millionth Visitor, But Remains Threatened by a Local Toll Road Proposal

10/18/06 - Robert Redford, NRDC Urge "No" on Proposition 90

10/13/06 - NRDC Releases New Satellite Photo of North Korean Nuclear Test Site

10/12/06 - NRDC Calls for Greater Support for Renewable Energy

10/10/06 - New Diesel Fuel Hitting Pumps Nationwide on October 15 Cuts Pollution, Enables New Low-Emission Engine Technology

10/5/06 - NRDC Urges Texas Firm to Abandon Plans to Expand Coal Use

10/6/06 - Court of Appeal Affirms Power of Water Board to Require Cities to Clean Up Coastal Waters

10/6/06 - Energy Department Furnace Standard is Cold Comfort for Consumers

10/4/06 - Alberta Must Slow Oil Sands Development, Stop New Projects

10/4/06 - Actress Sigourney Weaver Stands With Conservation Organizations and Ambassadors Calling For a Moratorium On High Seas Bottom-Trawling

9/29/06 - Governor Signs Bill to Limit Dirty Power Generation

9/29/06 - Court Throws Out Industry Challenge to Clean Water Act Permits

9/28/06 - Supreme Court Docket Includes Global Warming, Clean Air Cases

9/27/06 - Domenici Yucca Mountain Bill Would 'Short-Circuit' Licensing Process, says NRDC

9/28/06 - President Pushes Ethanol as Energy Solution, But Policies Lacking

9/27/06 - San Joaquin Restoration Heading to Congress to Become Federal Law

9/27/06 - California Governor Signs Historic Global Warming Law

9/26/06 - Unsuspecting Americans Risk Further Exposure to E. Coli-Like Outbreaks

9/26/06 - Federal Judge Orders Interior Department to Protect Internationally Renowned Arctic Wetlands

9/21/06 - Judge Orders Army Corps, Port of Stockton to Stop Illegal Dredging

9/20/06 - EPA Soot Pollution Standard Threatens Health of Tens of Millions of Americans, Says NRDC

9/20/06 - California Sues Automakers for Global Warming Costs to Taxpayers

9/15/06 - FAA Approves New $300-Million Florida Panhandle 'Airport to Nowhere'

9/13/06 - New Government Images show Arctic Sea Ice is Receding

9/13/06 - Agreement Signals Start to Historic San Joaquin River Restoration

9/13/06 - NRDC Announces Historic Settlement to Restore San Joaquin River

9/12/06 - Oceans Should be Top Priority for State of Florida

9/11/06 - Federal Agency Seeks to Sidestep Critical Catskills Casino Impact Review, Ignoring Strong Local Traffic and Quality of Life Concerns

9/8/06 - AQMD Rule Change Will Put More Polluting Plants in Already Affected Working-Class Neighborhoods, Alerts Community/Environmental Coalition

9/6/06 - Former Richardson Advisor Farquhar Joins Western Energy & Climate Advocacy Team

8/31/06 - Bill to Limit Dirty Power Generation Heads to Governor's Desk

8/31/06 - Global Warming Bill Clears California Assembly; Environmental Leaders Commend 2006 Legislature

8/31/06 - New Parks Policy is a Model for Land Management

8/31/06 - Global Warming One Step Closer to Supreme Court

8/30/06 - Landmark Global Warming Legislation Clears Critical Hurdle

8/25/06 - Army Corps Sued for Ignoring Toxic Risk and Community Concerns

8/16/06 - Governors' Seven-State Global Warming Emissions Pact Takes Big Step Forward

8/14/06 - Container Fee Impact on State Trade to Be Minimal

8/3/06 - Court Rules that BLM Illegally Ignored Wilderness Values in Rush to Sell Oil and Gas Leases in Utah

8/3/06 - Conservationist Road Trip Highlights Solutions to Oil Dependence

8/3/06 - Nuclear Repository Bill Is Fatally Flawed

8/3/06 - Dangerous Pollution Levels Prompt Record Number of Beach Closings Nationwide

7/31/06 - Senate's Offshore Drilling Bill Fails the Test

7/27/06 - Statewide Survey Shows Strong Global Warming Concern, Broad Support for State Legislation to Stop It

7/26/06 - Federal Court Rebuffs Bush Administration Appeal in Low-Frequency Sonar Case

7/25/06 - Global Warming Endangers National Parks

7/24/06 - New Environmental Website in Spanish -- Onda Verde -- Launched by NRDC

7/20/06 - Hot New Entry into Global Warming Solutions Debate in Senate

7/18/06 - FAA Botches Evaluation of Proposed Bay County Airport, Conservation Organizations Say

7/12/06 - Exporting Spent Nuclear Fuel to Russia Requires Stringent Safeguards

7/12/06 - New Rules Will Lead to Overgrazing

7/11/06 - Governor Petitions to Spare Roadless Areas in California Forests

7/11/06 - Get the Lead Out: Condor Advocates Announce Suit to Replace Toxic Ammo with Safer Alternatives

7/7/06 - Sonar Lawsuit Settlement: Navy Will Limit Needless Harm to Whales

7/5/06 - Court Rejects EPA Appeal to Resurrect Clean Air Act Loophole

7/3/06 - Federal Court Blocks Navy's Use of High-Intensity Sonar in Massive War Games Off Hawaii

6/30/06 - Facing Lawsuit, Navy Declares Itself Above the Law in High-Intensity Sonar Fight

6/30/06 - Alberta Tar Sands Feed US Addiction to Oil

6/29/06 - Senate Energy Spending Takes Nation Backward, Says NRDC

6/29/06 - Oil and Gas Industry Scores Big Win in U.S. House

6/29/06 - Court Says EPA Must Set Standards Controlling Strip Mall and Subdivision Stormwater Pollution

6/29/06 - Senators Cut Environmental, Health Programs

6/29/06 - Judgment Day Set for Polar Bears

6/28/06 - Federal Agency Will Continue to Publish Critical Science Journal

6/28/06 - Navy Will Be Sued to Stop Illegal Sonar in Massive Hawaiian War Games

6/26/06 - Supreme Court to Hear Global Warming Case

6/26/06 - Energy Efficiency Improvements Could Significantly Cut Natural Gas Use, New Report Finds

6/23/06 - New York Adopts Breakthrough Coastal Waters Conservation Act

6/22/06 - EPA Factory Farm Rule Gives Polluters a Free Pass, NRDC Says

6/22/06 - U.S. Science Academy: Earth is Warmest in 400 Years

6/22/06 - Wasted Energy Week

6/21/06 - New Global Warming Bill Sets Prudent Targets for Emissions Cuts

6/19/06 - Senate Acts to Protect Fisheries

6/19/06 - Supreme Court Rejects Attempt to Dramatically Roll Back Protections for Nation's Waterways and Wetlands

6/19/06 - International Whaling Commission Calls for Protection of Whales and Fish From Industrial Ocean Noise Pollution

6/16/06 - EPA Considering Industry Scientists for Advisory Board Reviewing Cancer-Causing Chemical

6/16/06 - New Study Reinforces Link between Mortality Rates and Environmental Hazards

6/15/06 - Study Finds High Mold Levels in Post-Katrina New Orleans Air

6/15/06 - NRDC Commends President's Swift Action in Creating World's Largest Marine Protected Area

6/12/06 - EPA Timetable to Phase-out Toxic Pesticide Too Slow, says NRDC and Farmworker Justice

6/7/06 - Smithsonian to Host Industry-Sponsored Exhibit on Tar Sands Oil Production

6/6/06 - Federal Border Agencies Allowing Illegal Mahogany Imports, Say Native Peruvians and U.S. Conservation Group

6/2/06 - NRDC Asks Government to Take Dangerous Pesticide off Market

6/1/06 - New Cleaner Diesel Fuel Arrives; New Trucks to Be 90 Percent Cleaner

5/30/06 - Government Study Faults Voluntary Curbs on Global Warming Emissions

5/25/06 - House Misses Chance to Move America Beyond Oil

5/25/06 - EPA Scientists Decry "Political Pressure"

5/25/06 - NRDC Names New Advocacy Chief

5/24/06 - House Heading Wrong Way on the Arctic Wildlife Refuge -- Again

5/24/06 - Key Questions on Nuclear Power Must Be Addressed, Says NRDC

5/24/06 - Beachgoers Face Waterborne Disease Risk as EPA Lets Water Standards Lag

5/23/06 - California Governor Appoints Agribusiness Representative to Oversee State's Water Quality

5/19/06 - New House Majority Beats Back Worst Anti-Environmental Elements in Interior Appropriations Bill

5/18/06 - Big 3 Auto CEOs Endorse Expanded Biofuels Use, Distribution

5/17/06 - EPA Cuts Backroom Deal to Keep Dangerous Pesticide on Market, says NRDC

5/17/06 - New Senate Energy Bill Takes a Badly Needed Step Forward

5/16/06 - House Should Ax Logging Bill: Walden Proposal Is More Dangerous Than Any Wildfire

5/12/06 - Courting Election-Year Backlash, House Moves to Drill America's Coastal Waters

5/12/06 - House Faces Moment of Truth on Global Warming

5/11/06 - White House Mileage Scheme Would Lock in Oil Dependence Now and for the Future

5/10/06 - House Committee: U.S. Must Enact Mandatory Limits on Global Warming Pollution

5/10/06 - Congress Poised to Spend Hundreds of Millions on Costly, Dangerous Plan Promoting Global Plutonium Recycling

5/10/06 - New York Ocean & Coastal Protection Bill Sails Through State Assembly

5/10/06 - Private Investments in "Clean Tech" Surging

5/5/06 - EPA Stream Survey Shows Need for Cleanup

5/4/06 - Florida Legislature Poised to Stick Ratepayers with Very Expensive Energy Bill

5/4/06 - House Panel Cuts Funding for Clean Water Program

5/4/06 - Oil Savings Bill Gathers Momentum

5/2/06 - NOAA Disputes Navy on Impacts of Sonar Range to Fisheries

4/27/06 - Naval Sonar Was "Plausible, If Not Likely" Cause of Mass Whale Stranding In Hawaii, According To Government Report

4/27/06 - New York State Clean Energy Initiatives Survive Legislative Budget Grab

4/27/06 - Global Warming Legal Action: EPA Must Regulate Carbon Pollution

4/25/06 - New York Ocean and Coastal Protection Bill Takes Big Step Forward

4/20/06 - Ending America's Oil Addiction

4/20/06 - Coalition Opposes Wehrum Confirmation

4/20/06 - New Fishery Bill Offers Roll Backs and Road Blocks for America's Oceans

4/13/06 - Pataki Vetoes Legislative Budget Ploy to Undermine Clean Energy Investments

4/7/06 - Backroom Deal Threatens Promising Renewable Energy Venture

4/6/06 - Gov. Ehrlich Signs Landmark Maryland Pollution Law

4/6/06 - U.S. Hardwood Companies Importing Peruvian Mahogany in Violation of Federal and International Law, Native and Conservation Groups Charge

4/6/06 - Federal Government Pushes Aggressive Plan for Oil and Gas Drilling off Florida's Beaches

4/6/06 - Lawsuit Seeks Crucial EPA Records on Hudson River PCB Cleanup Plan as Concerns Grow Over Agency Retreat from GE Crackdown

4/5/06 - Top Environmental Lawyer David Hawkins Earns EPA Lifetime Achievement Award

4/05/06 - New Report on Air Emissions from Top 100 Power Companies Shows Increase in Global Warming Emissions, Drop in Other Pollutants

4/4/06 - NAS Report Criticizes DOE's High-level Radioactive Waste Cleanup Program

4/4/06 - Global Warming Solutions Achievable, but Must Start Now or Window Will Close, NRDC Tells Senate Energy & Natural Resources Climate Conference

4/4/06 - NRDC Report Finds Dangerously High Mercury Levels Near Chlorine Chemical Plants in Four States, Raises Concern About Others

4/4/06 - Climate Action Team Acts on Governor's Promise to Reduce Global Warming Pollution

4/3/06 - California Global Warming Fight Gains Steam, Sets National Precedent

4/3/06 - Secret EPA Rule Would Allow More Carcinogens in Air

4/1/06 - New Administration Proposal Would Allow Three Times the Pollution in Drinking Water

3/29/06 - House Committee Approves Budget Free of Arctic Drilling and Controversial Public Land Sell-Off

3/29/06 - Government Report on Mass Whale Stranding in N.C. Identifies Naval Sonar as Possible Cause

3/29/06 - NRDC Statement on New Light Truck Fuel Economy Performance Standards

3/23/06 - Pentagon Renews Failed Bid to Skirt Health, Environment Safeguards

3/23/06 - Judge Orders Administration to Disclose Possible Chemical Safety Cover-up

3/22/06 - Federal Judge Blocks Huge Florida Mining Project That Threatens Miami Water, Everglades

3/21/06 - Largest Strip Mine in the Nation Threatens Tribes' Water Source

3/17/06 - Study Finds Military Sonar the "Most Likely" Cause of Recent Mass Stranding of Whales in Europe

3/17/06 - Court Rejects Bush Administration Plan to Gut Key Clean Air Act Safeguard

3/17/06 - Kempthorne Appointment for Interior Department Post Means More of the Same, Says NRDC

3/17/06 - Senate Approves Arctic Drilling Scheme in Budget Measure

3/15/06 - Civil Rights and Religious Groups Say EPA Must Clean Up New Orleans Contamination

3/14/06 - Protests in Panama Cast Shadow over U.S. Trade Deal

3/14/06 - Department of Homeland Security Allowing Illegal Mahogany Imports, Say Native Peruvians and U.S. Conservation Group

3/10/06 - Gale Norton Leaves Interior Post with Dismal 5-Year Record

3/10/06 - Congress Subverts Federal Budget Process to Open Arctic Refuge to Oil Drilling

3/9/06 - Judge Finds Army Corps Violates Federal Law, Orders New Review of Giant New York/New Jersey Harbor Dredging Project

3/8/06 - U.S. House Votes to Override 200 State Food Safety Laws Despite Bipartisan Opposition from Governors, AGs and Other State Officials

3/8/06 - Conservation Groups Request Endangered Status for Disappearing Delta Smelt

3/7/06 - House Bill Could Kill 200+ State Food Safety Protections

3/7/06 - Bipartisan Support Grows for Oil Savings Legislation

3/2/06 - Kids Even More Vulnerable to Pesticides Than Previously Believed, Study Shows

3/2/06 - NRDC Announces 12 Most Threatened Wild Places in the Americas for 2006

3/2/06 - NRDC Announces New BioGem Campaign to Protect Florida's Emerald Coast

2/24/06 - Are Endangered Chesapeake Sea Turtles Being Poisoned by a Weed-Killer?

2/23/06 - State, Federal Officials Paper Over Toxic Contamination in New Orleans, Misleading Returning Residents About Health Risks, Groups Say

2/23/06 - Groups Sue EPA for Approving Unethical, Illegal Human Pesticide Testing

2/22/06 - Disgruntled Alaska Congressman Aims to Sink Off-Shore Wind Power

2/21/06 - Supreme Court Cases Threaten Scope of Clean Water Act

2/17/06 - Elusive Chinese Nuclear Submarine Tunnel Photographed; Satellite Images Help Put Chinese Nuclear Arsenal in Perspective

2/15/06 - Bald Eagle Recovery Shows Endangered Species Act is Working

2/14/06 - China Environmental Law Group Partners with Leading U.S. Environmental Organization to Meet Rising Pollution Challenge

2/13/06 - Supreme Court Cases Could Threaten Scope of Clean Water Act

2/10/06 - New LA-area Power Plant Would Fight Global Warming

2/9/06 - New Analysis Shows Oil-Savings Potential of Ethanol Biofuels

2/9/06 - Is Bush Energy Initiative a Defining Moment, or Just Hot Air?

2/8/06 - Bush Budget Slashes Environmental Programs Across-the-Board; Clean Water, Clean Air, Toxic Clean-Ups Suffer Biggest Cuts

2/8/06 - Federal Officials Agree Global Warming May Threaten Polar Bears' Survival, Advancing Endangered Species Act Claim

2/7/06 - British Columbia Creates Giant New Great Bear Rainforest Park, Protecting Habitat of Majestic Spirit Bear and Giving Native Peoples Control Over Land

2/6/06 - Falling off the Wagon: President's Budget Looks Like Energy Addiction Relapse

2/2/06 - Groups Present 'Green Budget' Recommendations to Congress, President; Health, Communities and Conservation Top Priorities

2/1/06 - Report Highlights Need for Expanded Ocean Funding, Stronger Marine Protection

2/1/06 - State of the Union: Will President Bush Shift Course on Oil Addiction?

2/1/06 - Break ExxonMobil's Thruway Stranglehold, New York Groups Say

1/31/06 - Industry Association Barred from Influencing International Health Standards

1/23/06 - New EPA Rule Turns People Into Lab Rats, Violating Ethical Standards and the Law

1/18/06 - New Report: Real Solutions for High Winter Heating Costs

1/13/06 - Proposed Sonar Training Range Threatens Whales, Marine Life Along Carolina Coast

1/11/06 - National Academy Panel Rejects Controversial Methods That Discount Health and Environmental Safeguards

1/11/06 - Interior Department Plan Hands Over Hundreds of Thousands of Acres in Western Arctic to Oil Industry

1/10/06 - In Battle Over New Orleans Recovery Blueprint, Coalition Urges Focus on Health & Environmental Justice, Full Community Input

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