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June 22, 2006
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The House leadership has proclaimed June 26-30 as "House Energy Week."

But if their recent proposals (including more drilling and more taxpayer-funded handouts to the oil and gas industries) are any indication of what is to come, lawmakers are unlikely to produce any real solutions to address America's oil addiction.

In the run-up to Wasted Energy Week, environmental groups this week are taking turns highlighting genuine faster, cheaper and cleaner solutions that would end our oil addiction and combat global warming.

Today's solution comes from the Natural Resources Defense Council

America has an addiction to oil. Instead of drilling to feed the addiction, Congress should start the rehabilitation process by passing the Vehicle and Fuel Choice for American Security Act (H.R. 4409/S.2025).

The bill sets real deadlines for reducing our oil addiction, starting by requiring America to save 2.5 million barrels per day in a decade. That's more than we now import from the politically volatile Persian Gulf, and represents 10 percent of our projected oil use between now and 2016. The legislation provides the tools needed to reduce our oil consumption by promoting efficiency in passenger vehicles, replacement tires, and heavy trucks; by bringing biofuels to the pump; and by boosting transportation alternatives, like transit. The bill also could significantly reduce heat-trapping pollution that causes global warming-a critical need that many of our governors, state legislators and mayors also recognize.

The Vehicles and Fuel Choice for American Security Act has gained bipartisan support, with 75 House members and a full quarter of the Senate signed on as co-sponsors. Around the country, too, the bill has earned broad support, including labor organizations, religious leaders, consumer groups, entrepreneurs and national security experts. Instead of wasting energy on do-nothing bills next week, the House should pass HR 4409 and set us on a path to energy security.

Tomorrow's solution comes from the Sierra Club (www.sc.org).

The Natural Resources Defense Council is a national, nonprofit organization of scientists, lawyers and environmental specialists dedicated to protecting public health and the environment. Founded in 1970, NRDC has 1.2 million members and online activists nationwide, served from offices in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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