Actor and director Mark Ruffalo discusses threats from gas drilling in his home state of New York.


Keeping the New York region healthy depends on safeguarding our valuable natural resources and green spaces. From the 700,000-acre Catskill Park, to the hundreds of community gardens in New York City, there are countless important open spaces and ecological gems that must be protected from unrestricted development and pollution.

These special places are often home to an unusual diversity of wildlife, offer recreational opportunities such as hiking and fishing, improve our air and quality of life, and even allow us to grow fresh, local food.

Our Campaign Goal

NRDC's goal is to expand and protect parkland and other special places in the New York region by advocating for strong environmental and land-use safeguards.


  • Leading a high-visibility campaign to protect the Catskills and other areas in the region from industrial gas drilling - and a technique called "fracking" - unless all proper environmental reviews are conducted and officials can show that drilling will not jeopardize public health or the environment. Learn about threats from proposed gas drilling.
  • Opposing budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF), a longstanding and necessary source of funding for New York's parks, farmlands, and other conservation programs. Learn about EPF funding.
  • Campaigning against ill-advised development proposals - including oversized casino complexes - in and around our upstate, unfiltered watershed and other special places.
  • Leading initiatives to restore waterways such as Jamaica Bay and the Hudson River, so that New Yorkers can have access to the waterfront and fish and swim in surrounding rivers and bays. Learn about our water campaigns.
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