Founded in 2003, NRDC’s New York Council is a volunteer group comprised of New Yorkers from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions who share a strong commitment to the environment and are dedicated to furthering NRDC’s mission. Members support NRDC’s work at the regional, national and international levels with a special focus on creating a cleaner, healthier New York.

Members join in exclusive educational opportunities led by NRDC scientists, attorneys and policy experts to stay informed on critical issues; participate in advocacy campaigns to advance NRDC’s policy goals; work to build awareness of critical environmental and health issues facing New Yorkers; and help raise funds for NRDC’s programs through events and other initiatives.

New York Council Membership Benefits

  • Bi-monthly private New York Council meetings featuring briefings by NRDC leaders and senior staff on critical issues
  • Invitations to exclusive educational and other limited ticket NRDC events
  • Exclusive staff-led field trips providing first-hand experience of vital regional issues
  • Listing of your name in NRDC's Annual Report

Sign up for the Council or contact Missy Toney for more information.

NY Blogs on Switchboard

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posted by Nathanael Greene, 1/8/09
Solar wins in NY, sparks controversy in CA
posted by Nathanael Greene, 6/20/08
Bioheat is like all biofuels: we got to get it right
posted by Nathanael Greene, 5/20/08

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