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When Peer Review Fails
The Roots of the National Ignition Facility (NIF) Debacle

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DOEDepartment of Energy
EOSEquations of State
GAOGeneral Accounting Office
H/CHalite-Centurion Experiments
ICFInertial Confinement Fusion
ICFACInertial Confinement Fusion Advisory Committee
KJkilojoules (one thousand joules)
KrFKrypton-Flouride (laser)
LANLLos Alamos National Laboratory
LLNLLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LMFLaser Microfusion Facility
MJmegajoules (one million joules)
NASNational Academy of Sciences
NRCNational Research Council
PCMPulsed Power Conditioning Module
PCSPulsed Power Conditioning System
SBSSScience-Based Stockpile Stewardship

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