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GAO Reports

This reverse chronological list includes reference to full-text GAO reports dealing with nuclear weapons, materials, and nuclear arms control issues from 1994-early 1997 (with selected reports from 1993). The archive of GAO Reports and Testimony is located at http://www.gao.gov/reports.htm and gopher:// marvel.loc.gov:70/11/federal/fedinfo/byagency/legislative/gao.

Full-text searches of GAO reports (Oct 1994-present) can be accomplished via the GPO Access homepage at http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/aces/aces160.shtml?/su_docs/aces/aaces002.html or via the University of California GPO Gate (http://www.gpo.ucop.edu/dbsearch.html) or the Purdue GPO Gate (http://thorplus.lib.purdue.edu/gpo/).


  • National Missile Defense: Risk and Funding Implications for the Space-Based Infrared Low Component, NSIAD-97-16, 25 February 1997

  • Nuclear Waste: Impediments to Completing the Yucca Mountain Repository Project, RCED-97-30, 16 January 1997

  • Nuclear Safety: Uncertainties About the Implementation and Costs of the Nuclear Safety Convention, RCED-97-39, 2 January 1997


  • Foreign Missile Threats: Analytic Soundness of National Intelligence Estimate, Testimony by Richard Davis, Director, National Security Analysis, before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, T-NSIAD-97-53, 4 December 1996

  • New Attack Submarine: Program Status, NSIAD-97-25, 3 December 1996

  • Export Controls: Sensitive Machine Tool Exports to China, NSIAD-97-4, 19 November 1996

  • Export Controls: Sale of Telecommunications Equipment to China, NSIAD-97-5, 13 November 1996

  • Nuclear Safety: Status of U.S. Assistance to Improve the the Safety of Soviet-Designed Reactors, RCED-97-5, 29 October 1996

  • B-2 Bomber: Status of Efforts to Acquire 21 Operational Aircraft, NSIAD-97-11, 22 October 1996

  • Nuclear Nonproliferation: Implications of the U.S./North Korean Agreement on Nuclear Issues, RCED/NSIAD-97-8, 1 October 1996

  • Department of Energy: Unethical Conduct at DOE's Yucca Mountain Project, OSI-96-2, 30 September 1996

  • Nuclear Weapons: Russia's Request for the Export of U.S. Computers for Stockpile Maintenance, Testimony by Jim Johnson, Associate Director, International Relations and Trade Issues, before the Military Procurement Subcommittee, House Committee on National Security, T-NSIAD-96-245, 30 September 1996

  • DOE Security: Information on Foreign Visitors to the Weapons Laboratories, Testimony by Bernice Steinhardt, Associate Director, Energy, Resources, and Sciences Issues, before the Military Procurement Subcommittee, House Committee on National Security, T-RCED-96-260, 26 September 1996

  • Department of Energy: Observations on the Future of the Department, Testimony by Victor S. Rezendes, Director, Energy, Resources, and Science Issues, before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, T-RCED-96-224, 4 September 1996

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: Status of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, GAO/NSIAD-96-222, September 1996

  • Air Force Bombers: Options to Retire or Restructure the Force Would Reduce Planned Spending, NSIAD-96-192, September 1996

  • Foreign Missile Threats: Analytic Soundness of Certain National Intelligence Estimates, NSIAD-96-225, 30 August 1996

  • Nuclear Weapons: Improvements Needed to DOE's Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Surveillance Program, RCED-96-216, 31 July 1996

  • Nuclear Waste: Uncertainties About Opening Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, RCED-96-146, 16 July 1996

  • Nuclear Waste: Greater Use of Removal Actions Could Cut Time and Cost for Cleanups, RCED-96-124, 23 May 1996

  • DOE Cleanup: Status and Future Costs of Uranium Mill Tailings Program, Testimony by Bernice Steinhardt, Associate Director, Energy, Resources, and Science Issues, before the Energy and Environment Subcommittee, House Committee on Science, T-RCED-96-167, 1 May 1996

  • Nuclear Weapons: Status of DOE's Nuclear Stockpile Surveillance Program, Testimony by Victor S. Rezendes, Director, Energy, Resources, and Science Issues, before the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, Senate Committee on Armed Services, T-RCED-96-100, 13 March 1996

  • Nuclear Nonproliferation: Status of U.S. Efforts to Improve Nuclear Material Controls in Newly Independent States, NSIAD/RCED-96-89, 8 March 1996

  • Nuclear Nonproliferation: Concerns With the U.S. International Nuclear Materials Tracking System, Testimony by Victor S. Rezendes, Director, Energy, Resources, and Science Issues, before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, T-RCED/AIMD-96-91, 28 February 1996

  • Embedded Computers: B-1B Computers Must Be Upgraded to Support Conventional Requirements, AIMD-96-28, 27 February 1996

  • Nuclear Waste: Management and Technical Problems Continue to Delay Characterizing Hanford's Tank Waste, RCED-96-56, 26 January 1996


  • Uranium Mill Tailings: Cleanup Continues, But Future Costs Are Uncertain, RCED-96-37, 15 December 1995

  • Former Soviet Union: Information on U.S. Bilateral Program Funding, NSIAD-96-37, 15 December 1995

  • Former Soviet Union: An Update on Coordination of U.S. Assistance and Economic Cooperation Programs, NSIAD-96-16, 15 December 1995

  • B-1B Conventional Upgrades, NSIAD-96-52R, 4 December 1995

  • Nuclear Safety: Concerns with Nuclear Facilities and Other Nuclear Facilities and Other Sources of Radiation in the Former Soviet Union, RCED-96-4, 7 November 1995

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: DOD Report Accounting for Cooperative Threat Reduction Assistance Needs Improvement, NSIAD-95-191, 29 September 1995

  • Department of Energy: A Framework for Restructuring DOE and Its Missions, RCED-95-197, 21 August 1995

  • B-1B Bomber: Status of Cost, Development, and Production, NSIAD-95-164, 4 August 1995

  • Department of Energy: Poor Management of Nuclear Materials Tracking System Makes Success Unlikely, AIMD-95-165, 3 August 1995

  • Nuclear Safety: Concerns with the Nuclear Power Reactors in Cuba, T-RCED-95-236, 1 August 1995

  • Nuclear Waste: Issues Affecting the Opening of DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, T-RCED-95-254, 21 July 1995

  • B-1B Bomber: Evaluation of Air Force Report on B-1B Operational Readiness Assessment, NSIAD-95-151, 18 July 1995

  • Nuclear Nonproliferation: Information on Nuclear Exports Controlled by U.S.-EURATOM Agreement, GAO/RCED-95-168, 16 June 1995

  • Uranium Enrichment: Process to Privatize the U.S. Enrichment Cooperation Needs to be Strengthened, RCED-95-245, 24 February 1995

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: Reducing the Threat From the Former Soviet Union: An Update, NSIAD-95-165, 9 June 1995

  • B-2 Bomber: Status of Cost, Development, and Production, NSIAD-95-164, 4 August 1995

  • Nuclear Safety: US Assistance to Upgrade Soviet-Designed Nuclear Reactors in the Czech Republic, RCED-95-157, 28 June 1995

  • National Security: Impact of China's Military Modernization in the Pacific Region, NSIAD-95-84, 6 June 1995

  • Nuclear Facility Cleanup: Centralized Contracting of Laboratory Analysis would Produce Budgetary Savings, RCED-95-118, 8 May 1995

  • Radioactive Waste: Status of Commercial Low-Level Waste Facilities, RCED-95-67, 5 May 1995

  • Cruise Missiles: Proven Capability Should Affect Aircraft and Force Structure Requirements, NSIAD-95-116, 20 April 1995

  • Export Controls: Some Controls Over Missile-Related Technology Exports to China are Weak, NSIAD-95-82, 17 April 1995

  • Department of Energy: Alternatives for Clearer Missions and Better Management at the National Laboratories, T-RCED-95-128, 9 March 1995

  • Nuclear Weapons Complex: Establishing a National Risk-Based Strategy for Cleanup, T-RCED-95-120, 6 March 1995

  • Department of Energy: National Priorities Needed for Meeting Environmental Agreements, RCED-95-1, 3 March 1995

  • Uranium Enrichment: Observations on the Privatization of the US Enrichment Corporation, T-RCED-95-116, 24 February 1995

  • Former Soviet Union: US Bilateral Program Lacks Effective Coordination, NSIAD-95-10, 7 February 1995

  • Department of Energy: National Laboratories Need Clearer Missions and Better Management, RCED-95-10, 27 January 1995


  • Nuclear Materials: Plutonium Storage at DOE's Rocky Flats Plant, RCED-95-49, 29 December 1994

  • Nuclear Waste: Change in Test Strategy Sound, but DOE Overstated Savings, RCED-95-44, 27 December 1994

  • Nuclear Nonproliferation: U.S. International Nuclear Materials Tracking Capabilities Are Limited, GAO/RCED/AIMD-95-5, 27 December 1994

  • Nuclear Waste: DOE's Management and Organization of the Nevada Repository Project, RCED-95-27, 23 December 1994

  • Nuclear Cleanup: Difficulties in Coordinating Activities Under Two Environmental Laws, RCED-95-66, 12 December 1994

  • National Laboratories: Are Their R&D Activities Related to Commercial Product Development?, PEMD-95-2, 25 November 1994

  • Nuclear Health and Safety: Further Improvement Needed in the Hanford Tank Farm Maintenance Program, RCED-95-29, 9 November 1994

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: Reducing the Threat from the Former Soviet Union, NSIAD-95-7, 6 October 1994

  • Nuclear Safety: International Assistance Efforts to Make Soviet-Designed Reactors Safer, RCED-94-234, 29 September 1994

  • Human Experimentation: An Overview on Cold War Era Programs, T-NSIAD-94-266, 28 September 1994

  • B-2 Bomber: Cost to Complete 20 Aircraft Is Uncertain, NSIAD-94-217, 8 September 1994

  • Trident II: Reductions to MK-6 Guidance System Inventory Objectives May Be Possible (Letter Report), NSIAD-94-192, 6 July 1994

  • Strategic Missiles: Issues Regarding Advanced Cruise Missile Program Restructuring (Letter Report), NSIAD-94-145, 31 May 1994

  • Air Force Bombers: Conventional Capabilities of the B-1B Bomber (Testimony), T-NSIAD-94-169, 4 May 1994

  • Nuclear Nonproliferation: Export Licensing Procedures for Dual-Use Items Need to Be Strengthened (Chapter Report), NSIAD-94-119, 26 April 1994

  • Arms Control: Status of U.S.-Russian Agreements and the Chemical Weapons Convention (Chapter Report), NSIAD-94-136, 15 March 1994

  • Iraq: U.S. Military Items Exported or Transferred to Iraq in the 1980s (Letter Report), NSIAD-94-98, 7 February 1994

  • Air Force: Assessment of DOD's Report on Plan and Capabilities for Evaluating Heavy Bombers, NSIAD-94-99, 10 January 1994

  • Strategic Bombers: Issues Relating to the B-1B's Availability and Ability to Perform Conventional Missions, NSIAD-94-81, NSIAD-94-81, 10 January 1994


  • NATO Nuclear Bases: U.S. Should Seek Needs Reassessment and Increased Alliance Contributions (Letter Report, NSIAD-94-84, 23 December 1993

  • Nuclear Weapons: Safety, Technical, and Manpower Issues Slow DOE's Disassembly Efforts (Chapter Report), RCED-94-9, 20 October 1993

  • The U.S. Nuclear Triad: GAO's Evaluation of the Strategic Modernization Program, T-PEMD-93-5, 10 June 1993

The Internet and the Bomb: A Research Guide to Policy and Information about Nuclear Weapons is written and maintained by William M. Arkin and Robert S. Norris. Any questions, comments or suggestions should be sent to the authors at warkin@igc.org and rnorris@nrdc.org. This page was last updated 5/1/97

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