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The Internet and the Bomb:
A Research Guide to Policy and Information about Nuclear Weapons

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More than 100 non-governmental organizations and a variety of industry and consulting contractors have web sites featuring organizational descriptions and biographies, as well as publications. Some of the better sites include extensive links as well as Internet resources. This section profiles the primary academic organizations, think tanks, advocacy groups, foundations and philanthropic funders, nuclear weapons contractors, scientific societies, and associations who regularly work on nuclear weapons issues. Major non-governmental commissions and reports dealing with nuclear weapons and arms control and disarmament policy are referred to in the Arms Control section under Chapter Six: Issues (below).

The non-profit ACCESS Clearinghouse maintains an extensive database of more than 2,400 organizations and individual experts in over 100 countries working in the broad fields of foreign policy, peace, and security. Their database can be accessed at http://mr900i.bso.com/~access/Welcome.html.

Academic Organizations
Think Tanks and Advocacy Organizations
Scientific and Professional Societies
Philanthropic Organizations
Nuclear Weapons Contractors
Military and Industry Associations

The Internet and the Bomb: A Research Guide to Policy and Information about Nuclear Weapons is written and maintained by William M. Arkin and Robert S. Norris. Any questions, comments or suggestions should be sent to the authors at warkin@igc.org and rnorris@nrdc.org. This page was last updated 5/1/97

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