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Ribbons & Rebukes

Rebuke for an invasive species Rare pink dolphins near Hong Kong may be being displaced by a rapacious foreign pest: Mickey Mouse. Conservation groups suspect that a massive dredging project in Penny's Bay, home to the next Magic Kingdom, is responsible for recent dolphin deaths, and fishermen say since Disney came to town, fish stocks have plummeted. Turns out the world's too small, after all.

Ribbon for fiery rhetoric Ever wonder what you'd say to President Bush if you got his ear for a second? How about something simple and direct -- something like, "Mr. President, we don't need to drill for oil in ANWR." That's exactly what firefighter Ed Hall told the president as he shook his hand last January. Hall was part of a group welcoming the president to Portland, Oregon. Bush's reply? According to Hall, he said, "Yeah, then we'll run out of energy."

Rebuke for situation avoidance When Israel's Environment Ministry prohibited the dumping of untreated industrial wastewater into the Kishon River, it seemed like a good thing. And it was, given that the river has been socked for years with heavy pollution. Except that Israel's solution to the problem is building a pipeline that will instead dump the waste straight into the Mediterranean. Sounds like an Enron approach to environmental regulation.

Ribbon for high mileage Watching your odometer roll over to a long line of zeros is a special occasion -- but also a not so subtle reminder of how much fuel you've burned up on the road. It doesn't have to be that way. This year Budget EV Rental Car's fleet of 350 hybrid, natural gas, and electric vehicles hit the 5-million-mile mark, a notable accomplishment for a company that's only five years old. — Jason Best

Illustration: Anthony Russo

OnEarth. Spring 2002
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