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Table of Contents

This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Fall 2003; Volume 25, No.3. Articles available online appear as links.

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Extreme Measures by Kim Larsen
A lethal combination of loggers and bushmeat hunters threatens the very survival of Congo's wildlife, including its dwindling population of apes. In response, two conservationists chose a radical course: They allied themselves with the logging industry, enlisted a private army, and went searching for poachers.

The Greening of American Capitalism by William Greider
Could Wall Street become the vanguard of the environmental movement? Yes, if citizens pressure mutual and pension fund managers to reward -- and profit from -- environmentally responsible companies.

Don't Spoil the Soil by Elizabeth Royte
You may never have heard of cryptobiotic soil, but without it Utah's Redrock wilderness could fade into lifelessness. Which might happen anyway, if the United States government and the energy industry get their way.

Local Heroes
On an abandoned plot of urban landscape, three friends create an organic garden. While cleaning an oil spill from a beach, an industrial designer discovers an unexpected affinity for a neglected creature. Standing on the banks of the Mississippi, a college student plunges in to clear the river of trash. It takes only a flash of inspiration -- but years of dedication -- to go from citizen to hero.

U.S. and Them by Susan Dominus
A Burmese dissident and his wife, an American attorney, are forcing a U.S. corporation for the first time to stand trial for human rights abuses abroad. In this interview, Ka Hsaw Wa and Katherine Redford explain the tragic link between atrocities against Burma's people and against Burma's land.


  • Will killing whales make a comeback?
  • The U.S. goes on green alert
  • The EV1 meets its maker
  • De-grazing Arizona

    The View from NRDC
    by John H. Adams
    We know the ocean is in more trouble than we ever thought. The good news is, we also know how to save it.

    The building of the future; making a big difference for a little fish; how safe is your favorite beach?; and more.

    by Whitney Royster
    For Louisa Willcox, a world without grizzly bears is too unbearable to imagine.

    Letter from the Editor
    by Douglas S. Barasch


    Living Green
    by Jason Best
    The afterlife of batteries: Where should all those rechargeables go when they die?

    Open Space
    The Language of Clouds
    by Sharman Apt Russell
    Bravery, wonder, love, and loss in the cloud-tossed skies of New Mexico.


  • Crocodile by Linda Ramey
  • The Opossum by Mary Oliver

    Book Reviews
    Humans have spent centuries trying to avoid the hungry jaws of the world's great predators. For most of us the fear is gone -- and with it, some of what made the wilderness truly wild. David Quammen's Monster of God reviewed by Tim Folger

  • This issue's cover photo: Antonin Kratochvil

    OnEarth. Fall 2003
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