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This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Summer 2003; Volume 25, No.2. Articles available online appear as links.

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Saving Maine by Colin Woodard
Scientists think a new flood of data from satellites, multi-beam sonar, and high-tech buoys could rescue threatened oceans from the brink of collapse.

The Ugly Fish Tale by Barry Estabrook
In which pirates, chefs, and special agents hunt for the sea's 'white gold'

It's Not My Bag, Baby! by Linda Williamson
It was the grooviest thing to come along since, oh, Tupperware, but after 25 years the plastic bag is proving that, indeed, breaking up is hard to do.

Desert Ace by Deborah Knight
Sandra Lanham flies a 47-year-old single-engine prop over some of Mexico's most rugged terrain in search of vanishing wildlife. What keeps her airborne? Guts.

Last Stand by Nancy Rommelmann
John Quigley climbed a 400-year-old tree in Santa Clarita and stirred the residents from their suburban torpor to civil disobedience. Now he's gone, the tree is dying, and the residents are angrier than ever.

The Art of Doublespeak by Evan Ratliff
How do you teach a bunch of industry-loving Republicans to talk about the environment? Political consultant Frank Luntz has the answer.


  • Shacking up with the turtle man
  • Sheep-proof fence
  • War remains
  • Harlem's air walkers

    The View from NRDC
    by John H. Adams
    For too many years, Detroit has been saying, "We can't." It's time for the Big Three to start saying, "We can."

    How's the water?; wild about Harry (Potter); and more.

    by Elliott Negin
    The man who maps environmental revolutions

    Washington Watch
    The Pentagon thinks environmental laws are hampering its ability to win a war. So what was that thing in Iraq?

    Letter from the Editors


    Living Green

  • Pure Energy

    Baghdad under blackened skies


  • June Utah Evening by Reg Saner
  • 2 a.m. Moon by by Virgil Suárez

    Book Reviews
    With the West facing another scorching season, what do we really know about controlling fire? Smokechasing reviewed by Philip Connors

  • This issue's cover photo: John Huet

    OnEarth. Summer 2003
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