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This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Winter 2003; Volume 24, No. 4. Articles available online appear as links.

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With Every Breath You Take by Kimi Eisele
Thousands of asthmatics end up in America's emergency rooms every day. As asthma becomes an epidemic, people want to know: Is air pollution making us sick?

Rocky Mountain Guru by Lisa Jones
How does a New Jersey physics professor turn a tiny environmental newspaper into a mini-media empire? Step one: Think a lot.

The Splice Age by Jason Best
They told us that genetic engineering was about feeding the world. They neglected to mention allergen-free cats.

Dispatch from Toxic Town by Tara Hulen
Ten years ago, a fisherman pulled a deformed bass out of Choccolocco Creek. For the people of Anniston, Alabama, life hasn't been the same since.

Resurrection by David Case
A volcano wiped out every living thing on Krakatau in 1883. Months later, scientists found a solitary spider amid the rubble. Today, life is surging back.


  • The Pantry Patrol Reports
  • (Fe)male Frogs
  • Manatees Take a Hit
  • The EcoSeal that Isn't
  • Ribbons & Rebukes

    The View from NRDC
    by John H. Adams
    The voters have spoken. Problem is, they're not getting what they really want.

    Wild West redux: clamoring for black gold out on the frontier; California greening; the cook who doesn't; and more.

    by Craig Noble
    What makes NRDC scientist David Goldstein so brilliant? His low, low -- really low -- energy.

    Washington Watch
    There he goes again: President Bush's latest assault on environmental laws. (He'd rather you didn't know about it.)

    Letter from the Editor
    by Kathrin Day Lassila


    Living Green

  • Dissecting the Dust Bunny

    Green acres: A Superfund site goes a little bit country.


  • Aboriginal by Brian Swann
  • This Side of Midnight by John Smelcer
  • Two Seasons by James Scofield
  • The Sea Horse Family by Greg Delanty

    Book Reviews
    The dog spoke to Pythagoras, Hitler hated breakfast ham, and Ben Franklin was just a penny-pincher. The peculiar past of choosing not to eat meat. Colin Spencer's Vegetarianism: A History reviewed by Sarah D. Scalet.

  • Cover illustration by Steve Ditko Design

    OnEarth. Winter 2003
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