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This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Fall 2004; Volume 26, No.3. Articles available online appear as links.

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The Hunt for Red Gold by Mark Jacobson
Miskito Indian divers can still recall a time when they could wade into the Caribbean shallows and harvest lobsters with their bare hands. But then the big American seafood corporations moved in, and each new processing plant, each new boat fleet, drove the divers into deeper and more perilous waters in search of "red gold" for our dinner table. When these men emerge from the sea crippled and bent, who will save them? The answer: Bob Izdepski and his chamber of salvation.

A Voice in the Wilderness by Elizabeth Royte
Martha Marks was a retired teacher and steadfast Republican, living a quiet life in suburban Illinois, when developers decided to tear up a 100-year-old golf course with its ancient oaks and fields of wildflowers. Soon after, Marks founded Republicans for Environmental Protection. Her message: It's not just "liberal wackos" who care about the environment.

A Thirsty Nation by Tim Folger
What happened on Arizona's parched Black Mesa 40 years ago? Hopi leaders say they were bamboozled by a greedy energy company and a two-timing lawyer into selling the rights to their coal and their water for absurdly low prices. (Sound familiar?) Although the money has gotten better over the years, now the tribe's springs are running dry. The survival of the Hopi depends on the water and the cash, but they may be forced to choose.


  • The Rubber Hits the Road
  • Paving Ohio
  • Eliot Spitzer: New York's Pollution Buster
  • Fall Is in the Air
  • Dead in the Water

    The View from NRDC
    by John H. Adams
    To battle the threats of global warming and regulatory rollbacks, we had to become a more politically savvy and effective environmental group. And we did just that-by turning for help to a new alliance of dedicated members, high-profile activists, and business leaders.

    Taking on greenhouse polluters -- big time -- in court; victory on Yucca Mountain; farmers learn to share with others in California's Central Valley; and where did all that mercury go?

    by Elliott Negin
    Attorney, activist, outdoorsman, teacher. It's never enough. Now Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has written a new book.

    Letter from the Editor
    by Douglas S. Barasch


    Living Green
    by Sarah Mahoney
    So you think you need that elegantly packaged fall fragrance, or that aromatic shave cream-moisturizer -- but you don't want to betray your earth-friendly lifestyle? Ladies and gentlemen, have we got some beauty tips for you...

    Open Space
    How Wild Is the Wilderness?
    by Jane Brox
    Thoreau craved wilderness -- but was the Appalachian Trail what he had in mind?


  • Passing by Clifford Paul Fetters
  • The Wetland at Cannon Beach by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Look Again by Mary Oliver

    Book Reviews
    Edward Hoagland reflects on the meaning of Thoreau's Walden on the 150th anniversary of its publication. Also, The Fluoride Deception, The War Against the Greens, and Under Antarctic Ice.

  • This issue's cover photo: Alex Webb

    OnEarth. Fall 2004
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