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This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Winter 2004; Volume 25, No.4. Articles available online appear as links.

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The Tennessee Tree Massacre by Alex Shoumatoff
The paper industry is one of the filthiest and most destructive in the world. And in the southeastern United States, the Cumberland Plateau is ground zero. A close-up look at how paper companies are decimating some of the most beautiful native forests in all of North America and at the local folks who are most deeply affected.

Sex in the Garden by Sharman Apt Russell
The story of a common pest, a poisonous weed, and an evening of lust in the New Mexican desert

The Defiant One by Chris Hedges
New Jersey is one of the most polluted, sprawl-ridden, and politically corrupt states in the nation. But Bradley Campbell intends to change all that.

Clean 'n' Green by Barry Estabrook
Seventh Generation's recycled paper towels and nontoxic detergents have conquered the natural foods market. But the big prize is the supermarket chains. If the company steals shelf space from giants like Procter & Gamble, it could start an environmental revolution.


  • Don't Take It to the Grave!
  • The Hole Truth About Ozone
  • An Ink War Gets Messy
  • "Who Killed Your Shark?"
  • Fishy Business

    The View from NRDC
    by John H. Adams
    Political cowardice, word games, and greed: How the Bush administration is dismantling one of our most important environmental laws.

    Canada's forest primeval; California's golden rules; New York's brownfields of green; and more. Plus, Navy vs. Whales, the outcome.

    by Jane Braxton Little
    How do you bring clean energy to 1.25 billion people?

    Letter from the Editor
    by Douglas S. Barasch


    Living Green
    by Alan Reder
    Here comes the sun: Finally, good affordable solar power for the rest of us.

    Open Space
    The Ladybugs
    by Nancy Willard
    One day, the ladybugs arrived in her mailbox...


  • I Come Too Close by Roger Mitchell

    Book Reviews
    For 10 years, the experts have tried to scare, or shame, suburbanites out of their sprawl-induced funk. How about trying a more positive approach? Toward the Livable City reviewed by Erik Ness

  • This issue's cover photo: Jana Leon

    OnEarth. Winter 2004
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