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This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Summer 2005; Volume 27, No.2. Articles available online appear as links.

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Prairie Crossroads by Richard Manning
For more than a century, the vast, arid grasslands of central Montana have been a graveyard of good intentions, defeating the dreams of cattle barons, railroad pioneers, and New Deal politicians. But a new dream of returning the plains to their natural state -- by creating a preserve larger than Yellowstone -- could help revive the land and its people.

Alaska's Meltdown by Charles Wohlforth
Shrinking glaciers, thawing permafrost, warmer and shorter winters, vanishing sea ice, and catastrophic erosion haven't yet persuaded Alaska's leaders to actually do something about global warming. One Anchorage resident wonders: What will it take?

Empty Nest Syndrome by Sharon Levy
Deep in the forests of Hawaii's Big Island lives the akiapola'au, a bird with a face like an animated pocketknife. Its mortal enemy is the black rat, which arrived in the holds of nineteenth-century European ships. But it also has one important friend -- a wildlife biologist named Jack Jeffrey.

Come to the Laissez Fair
Cartoon by James Stevenson

Father Nature by Jason Best
Crocodiles in the cooling system of a nuclear power plant; bats under a cement bridge in Texas. Wait a minute: Perhaps we can coexist with other species in ways we haven't yet imagined.


  • Here Come the Water Wars
  • Your Seal Is Fated
  • As the World Burns
  • Beauty's Only Skin-Deep
  • Life After Love Canal
  • The House That Jack Unbuilt

    The View from NRDC: The Changing of the Guard
    by John H. Adams
    After more than three decades at the helm, John Adams will step aside and welcome a new leader to steer the organization through the battles that lie ahead.

    Federal wildlife biologists are asking endangered species to prove their identity -- using DNA; why cow manure and drinking water just don't mix; pulling back the curtain on dirty deals with pesticide manufacturers; and can evangelical Christians, steelworkers, and environmentalists really be on the same team?

    Ask NRDC
    Why is recycled toilet paper more expensive than paper made from freshly chopped-down trees?

    Fieldwork: Building Bridges
    by Craig Noble
    Adrianna Quintero brings environmentalists and Latinos together to achieve common goals.

    Letter from the Editor
    by Douglas S. Barasch


    Living Green: Blueprint for Disaster?
    by Tim Folger
    We're glad you want to drive a Prius. But the greatest source of greenhouse gases are the buildings we live and work in. An architect comes clean about the sins of his profession.

    Open Space: In the Age of Perverse Beauty
    by Jacques Leslie
    Death Valley looked so beautiful this spring -- all those wildflowers! But something's wrong with the picture.


  • "A Stone From Sligo" by Mary Oliver
  • "Catch It While You Can" by Roberta Swann

    Book Reviews
    Some biologists argue that alien invasions aren't as bad as we once believed. Also, is your child suffering from nature-deficit disorder? And what's going to happen when Alaska runs out of oil.

  • This issue's cover photo: Ryan McVay/Getty Images

    OnEarth. Summer 2005
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