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This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Winter 2005; Volume 26, No.4. Articles available online appear as links.

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Stuck in Reverse by Erik Ness
Open any newspaper these days and you're likely to see full-page ads from General Motors, touting its commitment to cleaner cars and magic buses. The hydrogen future, it would seem, is just around the corner. Why is it, then, that today's American car fleet remains less fuel-efficient than the Model T Ford, with dire consequences for the global climate and our national security?

Fires Down Under by Sharon Levy
For centuries, when they sensed that the country was ripe for burning, Aboriginal peoples in Australia set small, low-intensity fires that rarely burned out of control. It was an efficient way of managing the land that allowed wildlife to flourish. Australian fire ecologist David Bowman is convinced that these traditional burning practices do more to head off the risk of catastrophic wildfires than any army of hi-tech firefighters.

Oregon's Secret Harvest by Bruce Stutz
It's literally an underground economy. Each fall, legions of mushroom hunters descend on the Oregon Cascades, searching for the rare matsutake, which in boom years has fetched up to $1,200 a pound on the Tokyo market. The matsutake is a crucial part of the overall health of the pine forest. And it sustains a modern miracle: a community of mainly Asian migrant harvesters who have figured out a way to make a sustainable living from the natural cycle of the seasons.


  • Iraq: War Crimes Against Nature
  • Phone-y Landscapes
  • A Fertile Mind
  • Meet Dr. Splatt
  • California's Sleeping Monster
  • Stealing Beauty

    The View from NRDC: What now?
    by John H. Adams
    A second Bush administration simply can't be trusted to stop the plundering of our natural resources by its cronies in the energy industry. These are tough times for environmentalists, but in the courtroom, in the media, and at the grassroots, we're more than ready to rise to the challenge.

    Staying the course for four more years; California's new tailpipe standards; a green Nobel Peace Prize; nudging smart design into the mainstream; victory in the Everglades; and the Big Apple falls in love with recycling (again).

    Ask NRDC
    Is burning firewood really that bad for the environment?

    Fieldwork: The Golden Touch
    by Craig Noble
    A native Californian has helped her state become the nation's environmental leader.

    Letter from the Editor
    by Douglas S. Barasch


    Living Green: How to Fly the Guilt-Free Skies
    by Jeff Greenwald
    Each time we hop on an airplane, we bring global warming a step closer. So what's a poor traveler to do -- stay home? Here are some better ideas, and they needn't cost any more than a couple of in-flight cocktails.

    Open Space: Postcard From the Redneck Riviera
    by Susan Zakin
    The Florida hurricanes prove the old adage: It's an ill wind that blows nobody good.


  • Hibernation by Robin Chapman

    Book Reviews
    Richard Manning on the new guerrilla science of genetics. Also, John James Audubon: The Making of an American, and The Future of Ice.

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