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This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Fall 2006; Volume 28, No.3. You can have the whole magazine delivered to your door four times a year by clicking here and joining NRDC.


Patagonia Under Siege by George Black
At the remotest tip of South America lies one of the wildest places on the planet -- a wonderland of snowcapped volcanoes, pristine rainforests, and windswept pampas. Perhaps Patagonia will become a paradise for ecotourism. Or perhaps it will fall victim to Chile's voracious appetite for energy.

Drugging the Waters by Elizabeth Royte
As the population ages, Americans become more and more dependent on their prescription medications. Now scientists are beginning to wonder: What happens when all those pharmaceuticals get flushed into the nation's rivers -- and into our drinking water?

The Owl, Spotted by Alison Hawthorne Deming
One fine day, a poet and a scientist entered a forest in the Pacific Northwest to observe together the most iconic of all our threatened species. Here is what they found.

Will Evangelicals Help Save the Earth? by Bill McKibben
Until this year, the Bush administration took evangelicals for granted as its reliable allies and fellow skeptics on the issue of global warming. But scores of Christian leaders have now broken ranks, pro-claiming a new covenant with a higher authority.


  • The World Confronts Its E-waste Nightmare
  • Marching Boots And Dancing Feet
  • Drowning in Corruption
  • Canadian Folklife on Display
  • Now on the Menu
  • The Silk Road
  • Beasts From the East
  • Logging Crews in the Streets of Chicago

    The View from NRDC: Letter From Denmark
    by Frances Beinecke
    Our Energy Future -- today

    Chemical warfare in the pantry, and more...

    Ask NRDC
    My major appliances are decades old; something's going to blow soon. How do I buy one that gets energy-efficient tax credits?

    Fieldwork: The Common Touch
    NRDC'S new director of advocacy works the Hill -- and the local town hall.

    Letter from the Editor
    by Douglas S. Barasch


    Living Green: My Fabulous, Virtuous Vacation
    by Jeff Greenwald
    Maybe a day at the beach with a trashy magazine and a piña colada isn't what you look for in a vacation. Maybe this is: scuba diving in an exotic locale, helping to rescue threatened coral reefs -- plus some good fun in the sun. Hey, where do we sign up?

    Open Space: In Search of the Real Baja
    by Lisa Selin Davis
    Ah, retirement on the shores of Baja: the sunsets on the Sea of Cortés, the wild fields of mesquite, the million-dollar homes... Wait a minute -- is this really Baja? A meditation on ecology, authenticity, and culture.


  • "Today" by Maxine Kumin
  • "Irondequoit, Oswego, Canisteo" by Ben Howard

    Book Reviews
    What's your number-one pick for underrated-catastrophe-waiting-to-happen? In his review of four new books on the topic, Jacques Leslie votes for water scarcity. Plus, who killed the first electric car, and what to make of E. O. Wilson's plea to save creation.

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    This issue's cover photo: the Cascadas Escondidas (Hidden Falls) in Chile's Pumalin Park by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel

    OnEarth. Fall 2006
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