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This is the full table of contents of the print edition of OnEarth, Summer 2006; Volume 28, No.2. You can have the whole magazine delivered to your door four times a year by clicking here and joining NRDC.


The Vanishing by Sharon Levy
While you savor your delectable summer fruit or toss your garden salad, do you ever give thanks to the humble honeybee? No? Well, maybe you should. A large portion of American agriculture depends on this overlooked creature for its pollinating skills -- and now it is in grave danger. Take a peek into the really secret life of bees.

Wrecking the Rockies by Michelle Nijhuis
The nation's energy crisis wears many faces, but few are as ugly as the devastation of tranquil places like Garfield County, Colorado, where high natural-gas prices and powerful drilling technologies are tearing apart lives and landscapes.

Six Hundred Feet and Rising by Jacques Leslie
Since 1938 the colossal Shasta Dam has held back the waters of the Sacramento River, flooding the ancestral lands of the Winnemem Wintu, devastating salmon runs -- and bringing a bounty of subsidized water to California's farmers. Now the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation wants to make Shasta even bigger. Can the Winnemem survive the next deluge?

In Verse: a portfolio of new poems
"Finch" by Robert Bringhurst
"Meeting the Fox" by Mary Oliver
"Marginalia" by Elizabeth Dodd
"High Desert" by Ursula K. Le Guin


  • Home on the (Artillery) Range
  • News From the Department of Hot Air
  • Voyage of the Sorcerer
  • Cue the Whale Sounds? -- And the Visuals
  • Surfer Dude to the Rescue
  • Avian Flu: The Silver Lining

    The View from NRDC: Katrina's Tough Lessons
    by Frances Beinecke
    Learning to respect nature's strength and her limitations.

    Homegrown ethanol can help solve our oil dependence and global warming; the spirit bear lives on; campaign to save greenland; mahogany's steep price; and California's delta blues.

    Ask NRDC
    I've heard some sunscreens include ingredients that were created through nanotechnology. Are they safe to use?

    Fieldwork: Taming the Dragon
    Can China meet its exploding energy needs without damaging the planet? Maybe...

    Letter from the Editor
    by Douglas S. Barasch


    Living Green: These Roads Were Made for Biking
    by Linda Baker
    With its innovative urban planning, Portland could become the model for a cleaner, healthier American city -- and bring cycling to the masses.

    Open Space: Dirty Little Words
    by Julia Corbett
    If environmentalism is such a wonderful idea, how come so many people think it's a dirty word?


  • "Summer Reading" by Roberta Swann
  • "June Song" by Don Bogen

    Book Reviews
    Maybe we need a scientific revolution to solve our worldly woes. Or maybe we don't need to learn more -- we just need to do more with what we already know. Tim Folger reviews Pulse. Plus, a porcine love story; and adventures in pursuit of a living dinosaur: the sea turtle.

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    OnEarth. Summer 2006
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