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NRDC experts tackle many of the same issues covered in OnEarth by independent journalists. Here's a quick peek behind the headlines.


In this issue's cover story, Robin Marantz Henig "Our Silver-Coated Future," highlights many products that incorporate nanosilver as a biocide, including Samsung's silver-releasing washing machine. Initially, the Environmental Protection Agency listed the machine as a device, like a flyswatter, rather than a biocide, which is what silver is. In November 2006, under pressure from NRDC, the EPA reversed its decision and acknowledged its obligation to regulate nanosilver as a pesticide.

Tar Sands

Wondering who's buying the tar-sands oil that Andrew Nikiforuk describes in "Canada's Highway to Hell"? Check out NRDC's report, "Driving It Home", which names the U.S. facilities now expanding to accommodate this dirty new source of oil.

Eco-Pest Control

NRDC believes that prevention is more effective -- and safer -- than most chemicals when it comes to eliminating unwelcome pests. To help consumers find eco-savvy professionals like Luis Agurto "Who You Gonna Call?", NRDC helps promote Green Shield, a nonprofit program that certifies companies that adhere to green standards.

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