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Whales and Sonar

In this issue's cover story, Peter Canby reveals that the U.S. Navy is not only harming whales with its use of sonar but also hampering studies that might enable us to better understand how and why sonar hurts these creatures. NRDC is fight-ing to control the spread of this harmful technology in order to protect marine mammals from its damaging effects. Visit to learn more about ongoing litigation, see stranding records, and listen to the actual sound of sonar in a short informational video narrated by Pierce Brosnan.

Dirty Ports

In "Dark Side of the New Economy" Wade Graham reports on the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, and finds that the air pollution generated by ships and trucks carrying goods in and out of the ports is a real danger to the health of the surrounding communities. NRDC is working to reduce those threats to public health and was instrumental in compelling the Port of Long Beach to install plug-in powering stations so ships can shut down their dirty diesel engines while parked at the dock. For NRDC's latest ports report, visit

Mercury Pollution

Rémi Bénali's photo-essay depicts a gold mining settlement in the rainforest of Guy-ane, where thousands of workers are exposed to mercury during the mining process. But the threat posed by mercury persists well beyond the camp. Because it evaporates at room temperature, air currents disperse the toxin around the world, creating a truly global problem. NRDC is working to end the mercury trade, at home and abroad. Find out more at

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