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Atrazine: Poisoning the Well
Atrazine Continues to Contaminate Surface Water and Drinking Water in the United States
Watersheds and drinking water systems across the nation remain at risk for contamination from the endocrine-disrupting pesticide atrazine. The U.S. EPA's inadequate monitoring systems and weak regulations have compounded the problem, allowing levels of atrazine in watersheds and drinking water to peak at extremely high concentrations.
Opportunities for Agriculture
ACES legislation will bring new energy and income to America's farmers
Fact Sheet
The American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) includes significant benefits for American farmers, including incentives for increasing energy efficiency and deployment of renewable energy sources. In addition, under the cap and invest system envisioned by the legislation, farmers could earn additional income through the sale of offsets -- credits for reductions in direct emissions or enhanced carbon sequestration on the farm. This legislation would provide the support that farmers and ranchers need, help them create new jobs and transform their businesses to succeed in a more secure and sustainable clean energy future. Get document in pdf.

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The American Renewable Energy and Efficiency Act is a Step to Building our Clean Energy Future
Senator Markey's legislation to establish a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) and standalone Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) would put in place key tools in the fight to address dangerous climate change. In order to meet our...
It's Time to Build an Economy that is Stronger, Cleaner, Healthier, and Made to Last
Clean energy and energy efficiency have provided a robust source for economic growth and innovation during difficult times and we should not reverse course. The impending budget sequester and expiring tax incentives will significantly reduce...
State Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure Rules and Enforcement: A Comparison
This analysis provides a comprehensive comparison of existing disclosure requirements for states with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, operations. It finds more than half of the states with hydraulic fracturing activity currently have no...


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