Glossary of Environmental Terms

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habitat - (1) the natural home of an animal or plant; (2) the sum of the environmental conditions that determine the existence of a community in a specific place.

harpooning - a surface method of fishing that requires considerable effort in locating and chasing individual fish. Harpoons are hand-held or fired from a harpoon gun and aimed at high-value fish, such as giant tuna and swordfish.

haze - an atmospheric condition marked by a slight reduction in atmospheric visibility, resulting from the formation of photochemical smog, radiation of heat from the ground surface on hot days, or the development of a thin mist.

hearings - testimony (sworn statements like those given in court) given before a Congressional committee.

high seas - international ocean water under no single country's legal jurisdiction.

highly migratory fish - fish that travel over great areas.

household hazards - dangerous substances or conditions in human dwellings.

hydroelectric - relating to electric energy produced by moving water.

hydrofluorocarbons - used as solvents and cleaners in the semiconductor industry, among others; experts say that they possess global warming potentials that are thousands of times greater than CO2.

hydropower - energy or power produced by moving water.

hypoxia - the depletion of dissolved oxygen in water, a condition resulting from an overabundance of nutrients of human or natural origin that stimulates the growth of algae, which in turn die and require large amounts of oxygen as the algae decompose. It was the most frequently cited direct cause of fishkills in the U.S. from 1980 to 1989.

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