Glossary of Environmental Terms

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ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) - a land-based or mobile rocket-propelled missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to a range greater than 5,500 kilometers.

ICPD - International Conference on Population and Development.

incinerators - disposal systems that burn solid waste or other materials and reduce volume of waste. Air pollution and toxic ash are problems associated with incineration.

industrialized countries - nations whose economies are based on industrial production and the conversion of raw materials into products and services, mainly with the use of machinery and artificial energy (fossil fuels and nuclear fission); generally located in the northern and western hemispheres (e.g., U.S., Japan, the countries of Europe).

insecticides - substances used to kill insects and prevent infestation.

International Conference on Population and Development - a conference sponsored by the United Nations to discuss global dimensions of population growth and change in Cairo, Egypt in September 1994. The conference is generally considered to mark the achievement of a new consensus on effective ways to slow population growth and improve quality of life by addressing root causes of unwanted fertility.

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) - an international organization made up of national level affiliates representing every region of the world. IPPF receives and distributes funds from international donor nations to its affiliates, who in turn provide services (prenatal care, contraceptive counseling and service provision, and other reproductive health services) within a country. Some national level organizations provide abortion services, others do not. IPPF sets and supports policies encouraging governmental provision of comprehensive reproductive health care.

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