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Alliance to Save Energy - A coalition of business, government, environmental, and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide. Lots of helpful tips, and true believers can sign up to have the "e-FFICIENCY NEWS" delivered to their e-mail boxes.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) - This site is not oriented toward the uninitiated, but for those in search of technical and policy-related materials on energy efficiency, there's a wealth of information.

BP Solar - Company specializing in the production and design of photovoltaic cells and modules.

Center for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies - This site has lots of specific information on specific technologies: who's using what innovation and where. Including information on the new "clean power" choices becoming available as utility restructuring sweeps the nation.

Consumer Energy Center - Information on how to make smart energy choices at home, at work, and while traveling.

Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) - Provides multidisciplinary research and development of innovative energy and environmental technologies. The site includes technical materials in Spanish and information about opportunities for commercial entities to partner with EERC and its sponsor, the U.S. DOE, to demonstrate and commercialize innovative new technologies.

Energy Innovations - A report by a coalition of energy specialists (including NRDC) illustrating how innovative energy solutions can provide a prosperous path to a clean environment.

EPA's Energy Star Program - A collaboration between the Department of Energy, the EPA and many companies, this program helps consumers buy products that use less energy -- including major appliances, lighting, tvs and vcrs, heating, cooling and office equipment, and even new homes.

Energy Star Home Improvement Toolbox - Ways to save money and energy around the house, whether you're starting a major home-improvement project or just trying to lower your energy bills.

Green Schools - This site helps schools use energy efficiently through architectural, operational and behavioral changes.

Home Energy Saver - By entering your zip code and some details about your home, the Lawrence Berkeley Lab's Energy Advisor program shows you how to save an average of $500 annually in energy bills, and gives you the resources you need to make it happen.

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - Environmental Energy Technologies - Site looks low-tech at first glance, but in fact there is a true web of high-tech information on building standards, energy analysis and the indoor environment.

National Center for Photovoltaics - A searchable page from the Department of Energy with plenty of information on photovoltaic (e.g. solar cells) sources of renewable energy.

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships - NEEP is a nonprofit regional organization dedicated to increasing and coordinating energy efficiency efforts in New England, New York and the mid-Atlantic region.

Power Scorecard - A tool that helps consumers in California and Pennsylvania choose power generated from clean sources such as wind and sun.

Renewable Northwest Project - A coalition of public-interest organizations and energy companies working to promote renewable energy. Read about renewable energy projects in the northwestern United States and learn how you can make the switch to green power.

San Diego Gas & Electric Co. - Lots of easy-to-use energy efficiency information, especially for small businesses and residential customers.

Solstice - A great site for information about energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable technology information and connections, with lots of useful links from the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST).

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Alternative Fuels Data Center - Focuses on, you guessed it, alternative fuel vehicles. Includes a searchable database of commercially available vehicles by category and a guide for fleet buyers.

Better World Club - The first U.S. travel service to help offset the greenhouse gas pollution associated with travel by investing part of your travel dollars in projects that save energy and cut global warming pollution. Better World also offers emergency roadside assistance and insurance.

CALSTART's Advanced Transportation Website - Features current information on electric, natural gas, hybrid electric vehicles and intelligent transportation technologies.

Clean Cities - Is designed to encourage the use of alternative fuel vehicles and the infrastructure that supports them. - A "zero and near-zero emission vehicle guide" from the California Air Resources Board packed with facts and news about clean cars.

Electric Drive Transportation Association - Industry association working to advance the commercialization of electric vehicles in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Environmental Defense's Tailpipe Tally - Will let you calculate, by your mileage, or even just the year and make of your car, how much your vehicle pollutes.

The Fuel Economy Website - Allows visitors to compare miles per gallon ratings as well as corresponding greenhouse gas emissions for all model year 2000 vehicles.

Green Guide to Cars and Trucks - Is the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's ranking of cars and trucks according to environmental friendliness.

Honda Insight - This 2-door hybrid electric vehicle is available now. Find out specifications, features and where you can get one here.

Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion Program Online Resource Center - Aids the Department of Energy in its efforts to make hybrid electric vehicles commonplace on American highways by the year 2003.

MPG Plus - This website presents and explains a voluntary, non-regulatory, shared-savings approach aimed at helping more fuel-efficient cars and light trucks reach the market by making fuel efficiency profitable for automakers.

The Office of Transportation Technologies - Has a wealth of information about advanced technologies including the best descriptive technology listing we've come across, university programs, student competitions and other fun car-of-the-future info.

The SUV Info Link - Information from Friends of the Earth about the environmental and safety issues concerning today's increasingly popular sport utility vehicles.

Toyota Prius - The world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. Find out specifications, features and where you can get one.

Transportation Action Network (TransAct) - TransAct's goal is to provide information and resources for people working to make their communities better places to live. Features include case studies and the Smart Growth Toolkit.

Yahoo's Alternative Fuel Links - Go straight to Yahoo's directory of AFV companies and organizations.
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