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Smart on a Small Scale

Featured Scenarios: Memphis, TN

Smart on a Small Scale

Dense, urban areas aren't the only places that can benefit from smart growth improvements. In this neighborhood example in Memphis, a few simple smart growth additions remain consistent with the community's character while enhancing the area's safety and beauty.

An unappealing road becomes beautiful and pedestrian friendly, and in another part of the city, struggling businesses receive a support system when people and other stores fill in the areas around them. Small-scale infill development boosts the local economy and promotes residents' health and safety while maintaining a small-neighborhood feel.

Sidewalks, shade trees and street lights increase a community's walkability, inviting people to get out of their cars and go for a stroll. Sidewalks and streetlights also make streets safer places for children, the elderly and everyone else. And in Memphis' hot climate, cool shade trees along a walking route make for a pleasant outdoor experience.

Instead of driving to the hardware store and driving away, residents can run multiple errands in one place. The end result is a lively urban center, an efficient use of land and a way to prevent further sprawl by building up instead of out.

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