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Variety Beats Uniformity

Featured Scenarios: Mount Pleasant, SC

Variety Beats Uniformity

Variety is the key to a well-designed neighborhood: a mix of ways to get around, types of businesses, building functions and land uses. In Mount Pleasant, the existing neighborhood appears vast and disconnected because of wide roads, large medians and a lack of sidewalks and trees. Cars are the only transportation option.

A smart growth makeover turns the Mount Pleasant neighborhood into an active, connected community. Shady trees, well-lit sidewalks, bike paths and a light-rail system encourage people to leave their cars at home, relieving traffic congestion and helping residents save money on gas.

Landscaping with the state symbol, the palmetto tree, lends a shady respite from the hot South Carolina climate and fosters a sense of local identity.

There's variety in the nearby buildings, too. Handsome homes, lively restaurants and useful services such as the library, post office, grocery store and bank are all within walking and biking distance.

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