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Specific issues like water quality and sustainable food are a challenge in all cities. NRDC is creating models to solve a selected set of key urban challenges that can be applied to other cities nationwide.

Our Work

Chicago Waterways

food systems

The Midwest Office is advocating a comprehensive redesign of Chicago's waterway system in order to address multiple community issues related to outmoded infrastructure, including urgent threats to the Great Lakes from invasive species. In particular, we are pursuing major investments in the city's transportation, water and sewer infrastructure in order to move toward more sustainable movement of goods, water quality improvements from green infrastructure, and increased recreational opportunities for underserved neighborhoods.

Sustainable Food Systems

Demand for local, sustainable produced food is growing around the country. The NRDC New York team has launched a campaign to promote regional sustainable food in the greater New York City region to foster farmland preservation, green economic development and greater access to healthy food. One of our top priorities in this campaign is to build public support for a wholesale farmers’ market as part of the overall modernization of the Hunts Point food distribution center in the South Bronx — the largest food hub in the nation. The building of a wholesale farmers' market at Hunt's Point would allow local growers to sell their goods wholesale to retailers, as well as help the surrounding community gain access to fresh, high-quality food. Overall, our work in New York seeks to strengthen the market for local, sustainable food, while showcasing the interconnectedness between the rural countryside and the urban core.

Los Angeles

We're working to transform Los Angeles' transportation system through increased transit investment, especially in the city's underrepresented areas. This work will include advocacy for investment in community revitalization, including adequate access to parks and open space, and reduced exposure to impacts from passenger vehicles and freight movement.

last revised 1/10/2012

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