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This monthly column by Sheryl Eisenberg explored green living issues from a personal perspective for more than a decade. A writer, website developer and long-time advisor to NRDC with a lifelong interest in nature and the environment, Sheryl began the column in 2004. Over the years, she built a library of roughly a hundred pieces on a wide range of topics, from ethical eating to small homes to the health risks of everyday products.

Back in 2004, green living guides were popping up all over the web. They were informative as far as they went, but their "eat your vegetables" approach suggested green living was just a matter of changing habits, instead of one's life. Nowhere did they acknowledge the difficulties—or rewards—of change for the individual involved.

The goal of This Green Life was to be more honest, for lack of a better word. It was to consider the living part of living green.

At least, that was Sheryl's goal.

For NRDC, it was something different. NRDC takes its membership very seriously, and around that time, members had begun clamoring for information on what they could do to help preserve the planet on a day-to-day basis. They were completely on board with NRDC's efforts in courts, legislatures and communities, but for many, it was no longer enough. They wanted to follow Gandhi's dictum, whether or not they were aware of it, and be the change they wanted to see in the world.

And NRDC wanted to oblige, so This Green Life was born.

Personal writing about green living is no longer an unusual thing. Many individuals blog about it every day. But what made This Green Life unique to the end was that in addition to reflecting an experiment in green living conducted by an actual person, it was backed by NRDC and vetted for accuracy by NRDC's scientists and policy experts.

In September 2014, Sheryl bid her farewell. You can continue to find information and inspiration for your own green living journey in the archive she left here. To catch up with her now, visit This Green Blog.

SherylSheryl Eisenberg is a writer and web developer with a special interest in the environment. With her firm, Mixit Productions (mixitproductions.com), she brought NRDC online in 1996, designed NRDC's first websites, and developed many special web features for NRDC. She created and, for several years, wrote the Union of Concerned Scientists' green living column, Greentips, and has designed and contributed content to many nonprofit sites. Sheryl makes her home in Brooklyn, where she tries to put her environmental principles into practice. No fooling.

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