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Cars and Transportation


Remember the Apple slogan "Think different"? We need to do that with transportation. The car culture just doesn't make sense anymore.

Think about it. Why travel everywhere by car and never use our feet when the national obesity rate is 36%? Why each have a personal vehicle when the cost—in cash and natural resources—is so great? Wouldn't it make better sense to make carpooling and car sharing part of our transportation equation? (See Cars to Go.)

If we don't change our ways, the number of cars on the road will continue to grow, lengthening what for many is already an intolerably long commute. And we can't expect relief from new road construction in this era of public belt-tightening—but if we could, it would just mean more open land destroyed.

One thing we need is more and better—make that stellar—public transit systems (see Give Public Transit a Chance).

And, of course, we need greener vehicles that emit fewer greenhouse gases if we are ever to get climate change under control (see Dream Car).


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