You've heard the catchwords that describe sustainable food: local, seasonal, organic, grass-fed, cage-free, etc. But what do they mean, which are most important and how can you tell if they are what they claim? You'll find the answers here.

Begin with Is Organic Food Worth It? which explains just what the organic label guarantees (a lot for the environment, not much for animal welfare). Then read 'Tis the Season for Local Foods to learn how global foods contribute to global warming. And if you care about humane treatment of animals, as I do, check out Ethical Eggs, Dairy and Meat. It will explain how to find cruelty-free animal products you can feel good about.

Finally, have you been wondering why sustainability-minded folks are pushing the idea of eating more plant-based foods? (Clue: It's not for your health, though the diet is good for that, too.) See Down with Meat and its sequel, Another Reason to Eat Less Meat to find out.


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