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Holidays and Entertaining


Feasting and gift-giving are part of many holidays and celebrations. They lift us out of the day-to-day struggle to put bread on the table, evoking a sense of gratitude for the bounty we are granted even in lean times.

But in plush times, when ordinary meals are a kind of feast, the excess can carry a different message: that we are consuming more than our share.

Wouldn't it be better to celebrate sustainably? Well, yes, of course, but squaring our grown-up values with the traditions of a lifetime, not to mention family expections, is hard. However, not impossible! I address the challenges in With Gifts, Too, Less Can Be More, Green Holiday Entertaining and other pieces about Christmas and Hannukah, as well as one on summer holidays, The All New American Barbecue.

In Cause for Celebration, I discuss an even more stressful situation—planning a big green bash for a major life event. I've done it myself and lived to tell the tale. So can you.


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