Ever since I took an educational trip to my watershed (read all about it in Catskills, Firsthand), I've seen water in a whole new light. Before that, I only got the connection between the water in my tap and the ground intellectually. That changed when the person who organized the trip took me to a stream and, pointing to it, said, this water goes straight to you. Then I really got it.

The water in question—New York City water—is famous for its great taste. Frankly, it's not as clean as it could be, but, by modern standards, it's pretty darned good. I want it to stay that way.

So I am against fracking in my watershed—and think you should be in yours. (Read The Fracking Fuss to learn more.) And I know that bottled water isn't the answer. Keeping tap water clean is. (See The Future of Drinking Water.)

Moreover, I get that what holds for freshwater holds for saltwater too. We swim in it and swallow it and marine life actually lives in it. If we want to keep it safe, we'd better start controlling runoff, including the runoff from our own property (Permeable Pavement).

Your water, like mine, is precious stuff. Read these pieces and make the connection.


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