Arsenic in Selected Bottled Waters

FIGURE 5: Arsenic in Selected Bottled Waters

Note re Crystal Geyser: The Crystal Geyser company has provided NRDC with test results indicating that beginning in April 1999, Crystal Geyser substantially reduced the arsenic levels in its spring water, in an agreement reached after they were sued (based on NRDC's previous test results) by the Environmental Law Foundation, a California Public Interest Group. This testing shows that as of April 1999, arsenic is either not found, or, if present, is found at levels between non-detectable (<2 ppb) and 4.8 ppb, maximum. These levels are below the California Proposition 65 arsenic warning level of 5 ppb and well below current federal standard, but EPA recently has proposed to drop the federal drinking water standard to 5 ppb.

Source: NRDC, 1997-1999