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The mapped area in this report extends out 200 land miles, which equals 174 nautical miles. Extending the area out to the 200-nautical-mile limit of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone changes several of the calculations in the report. These changes, listed below, have been made in this online version of the report but apply to the print version.

It is important to note that the only individual recommended areas affected by extending the study area out 26 nautical miles are those identified in the map of individual recommendations by J. Frederick Grassle. The rest of the individual recommended areas and all five priority ocean areas remain unchanged.

The corrections below apply to the printed report:

  • Page 1 (Introduction): 22 percent should be 19.4 percent
  • Page 5 (Part 1): 58 percent should be 54.7 percent; 22 percent should be 19.4 percent

In addition, the miles given in the printed report are land miles. Here are the nautical mile (nm) equivalents:

  • Page 1 (Introduction): 22 miles equals 18.9 nm
  • Page 13 (Part 2): 22 miles equals 18.9 nm; 12 miles equals 10.3 nm; 35 miles equals 30.2 nm
  • Page 14 (Part 2): 20 miles equals 17.3 nm; 35 miles equals 30.2 nm
  • Page 15 (Part 2): 22 miles equals 18.9 nm; 12 miles equals 10.3 nm
  • Page 20 (Ken Able): 21.7 miles equals 18.9 nm; 18.7 miles equals 15.9 nm
  • Page 29 (J. Frederick Grassle): 200 miles should be 200 nautical miles
  • Page 42 (Amy Knowlton): 20 miles equals 17.3 nm; 33 miles equals 28.6 nm; 35 miles equals 30.2 nm
  • Page 46 (Jack Musick): 12 miles equals 10.3 nm

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