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Stormwater Strategies
Community Responses to Runoff Pollution

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The authors wish to thank the following reviewers for useful comments on and contributions to portions of the draft. The views presented in this document do not necessarily reflect the opinions of those who helped review it.

James Albrecht, Water Resources Program Manager (retired), Squaxin Island Tribe

Steven I. Apfelbaum, Research and Consulting Ecologist, Applied Ecological Services, Inc.

Albert Appleton, Senior Fellow, Regional Plan Association

James Baumann, Special Assistant to Bureau Director, Bureau of Watershed Management, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

David Beckman, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council -- Los Angeles

Kaid Benfield, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council -- Washington, DC

James D. Benson, A.I.C.P., Supervisor, Project Management Group, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Roger S. Copp, Service Leader, Water Resources, Brown and Caldwell

Michael F. Domenica, Principal Engineer, Water Resources Associates, Inc.

Dennis Dreher, Director of Natural Resources, Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission

Julie P. Elliott, Environmental Engineer, Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewerage District

Bruce Ferguson, Professor, University of Georgia School of Environmental Design

Rodney Frederick, Environmental Engineer, Office of Water, United States Environmental Protection Agency

Susan Gilson, Executive Director, National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies

Robert Goo, Environmental Program Specialist, Federal Lands and Activities Team Leader, United Stated Environmental Protection Agency

Doug Harrison, General Manager, Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District

Richard R. Horner, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture, University of Washington

Robert W. Howarth, Professor, Program in Biogeochemistry and Environmental Change, Cornell University

Roger James, Senior Consultant, URS Greiner/Woodward Clyde Consultants

John Jackson, Planning Division Manager, Unified Sewerage Agency of Washington County, Oregon

Carl Johnson, Vice President, Camp Dresser & McKee

Carol Kocheisen, Senior Legal Counsel, National League of Cities

Jessica Landman, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council -- Washington, DC

Eric Livingston, Environmental Program Administer, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Libby Lucas, Director (former), Watershed Protection Program, Environmental Health Coalition

John Mancini, President, John Mancini Consultants, Inc.

William R. Morrish, Director, and Gina Bonsignore, Research Fellow, Design Center for American Urban Landscape, University of Minnesota

James E. Murray, Director, and Kelly Cave, Engineer and Director of Watershed Management Division, Wayne County Department of Environment, Michigan

Robert E. Pitt, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Roger Platt, Vice President and Counsel, National Realty Committee

Matthew Raimi, Research Associate, Natural Resources Defense Council -- Washington, DC

Andrew Reese, Engineer, Ogden Environmental and Energy Services, Inc.

Joel Reynolds, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council -- Los Angeles

Thomas R. Schueler, Executive Director, Center for Watershed Protection

Earl Shaver, Environmental Engineer (former), Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation

Scott Sonnenberg, Engineer, Arbor Engineering

Eric Strassler, Project Manager, Engineering and Analysis Division, United States Environmental Protection Agency

Scott Tucker, Executive Director, Urban Drainage & Flood Control District, Denver, CO

Leslie G. Tull, Water Quality Management Manager, Watershed Protection Department, City of Austin, Texas

Ronald Tuttle, National Landscape Architect, United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service

William Wenk, President, Wenk Associates


As part of the case study research and development process, NRDC enlisted independent stormwater experts, environmental activists, local citizens, and other members of the community familiar with the highlighted programs and projects to "groundtruth" the case studies. Groundtruthing included reviewing the case study for general accuracy, providing addition information and insight, and in some cases visiting a site or project. NRDC greatly appreciates the time and effort that the groundtruthers listed below contributed to this project.

Cynthe Aeon, Connecticut Fund for the Environment

Ginny Barnes, Glen Preservation Foundation

Kathy Baskin, Charles River Watershed Alliance

Kevin Bigalke, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Tim Bingham, Lane County Council of Governments, Oregon

Ron Bryant, Charlotte Sierra Club

Eileen Butler, Delaware Nature Society

Cathryn Collis, Collis and Company

Carolyn Cox, Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides

B.J. Cummings, Puget Sound Keeper Alliance

Bill Dewey, Taylor Shellfish Company

Kari Dolan, National Wildlife Federation, Northeast Natural Resource Center

George Hagerty, New Castle County, Delaware

Beull Hollister, Kootinai Environmental Alliance

Richard Horner, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture, University of Washington

Keith Kennedy, North Central Texas Council of Governments

Kathi Knipfer, Tulsa Sierra Club

Peter Lavigne, Watershed Consultants

Mike Lozeau, San Francisco BayKeeper

George Maurer, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Hayden McMahon, Charlotte, North Carolina

Lawrie Mott, Natural Resources Defense Council

Larry Mugler, Denver Regional Council of Governments

Trish Mulvey, CLEAN South Bay

Dawn Nighman, Davey Tree Company

Rick Parrish, Southern Environmental Law Center

Cecil Pennington, Austin, Texas

Ellen Pratt, Protectors of Pine Oak Woods

Cirus Reed, Texas Center for Policy Studies

Nelson Ross, Lakeway Chapter, Izaak Walton League

Dan Savercool, Tampa Audubon Society

Taylor Sharpe, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 6

Pamela Sihvola, Committee to Minimize Toxic Waste

Esty Thomas, Chasapeake Bay Foundation

James Waggener, Price William Natural Resources Council

Patricia Werner, Liberty Prairie Conservancy

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