The lakes, rivers, and beaches where we swim, fish, and boat depend on healthy streams and wetlands upstream. Streams and wetlands help filter out water pollution, ensure a reliable water supply, and provide important wildlife habitat.

But right now, many of them are threatened with unregulated pollution or outright destruction. Bush administration policies plus court decisions undermined Clean Water Act protection for millions of miles of streams, millions of acres of wetlands, and other waters. This gap has kept the Environmental Protection Agency from penalizing polluters in many cases, even when they've spilled crude oil or discharged animal manure into our water.

The Obama administration promised to close the Clean Water Act gap and ensure that streams and wetlands are better protected. But the White House is delaying improvements and polluting industries are working hard to stay off the hook for water pollution.

The President needs to hear from you. You can help secure the future of our water by demanding that President Obama act now to close the Clean Water Act gap.

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We shouldn't have to worry if the water sources we rely on for drinking, fishing, and swimming are polluted. But for 117 million Americans, a legal loophole has undermined the Clean Water Act safeguards that are supposed to prevent big polluters from dumping unsafe amounts of dangerous pollutants in our waters.

Don't let polluters poison our water

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