Energy affects every aspect of our lives and shapes our modern society and the environment. NRDC’s Energy & Transportation program works to scale up clean energy to power our buildings, appliances, factories, and vehicles. We promote solutions to end our dependency on fossil fuels to avert dangerous global warming; protect communities and public health; grow the economy; and preserve our water, lands, and oceans.

We work to create more equitable, affordable, resilient, and safer energy systems, focusing on the big solutions as well as transformative strategies needed to meet our goals. Since the 1970s, we have advanced some of the most important technological, policy, legislative, and legal innovations related to clean energy. Our skilled scientists, engineers, attorneys, finance experts, and policy advocates collaborate with a diverse group of partners—including utilities, consumers, industries, and many others—to advocate for clean energy solutions at the national, state, and local levels. A leader in NRDC’s state climate policy work, we played a key role in developing the Northeast’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and California’s groundbreaking Global Warming Solutions Act. We also helped lead the successful campaign to double fuel efficiency of passenger vehicles by 2025.

Our decades of success have led to increased energy security, reduced pollution, slashed energy bills, and the creation of a new clean energy economy.


  • Working to ensure the success of the EPA’s groundbreaking Clean Power Plan and to assist states in adopting carbon-pollution plans focused on clean energy
  • Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, appliances, and factories through consumer education, utility energy efficiency programs, improving codes and standards, and advocating for stronger clean energy policies for the nation’s electric transmission grid
  • Ending our addiction to fossil fuels by deploying renewable energy technologies, especially wind and solar, while also protecting wildlife and ecosystems
  • Strengthening renewable energy policies, including federal and state finance and tax policies; policies to promote solar and other on-site renewables; limiting the use of bioenergy to truly low-carbon sources; and renewable siting policies
  • Improving the efficiency of our vehicles and shifting rapidly to cleaner fuels by strengthening fuel efficiency and carbon-pollution standards for our cars and heavy trucks at federal and state levels
  • Advancing policies to require automakers to build electric cars and oil companies to sell cleaner fuels


Policy Solution

With our long track record of securing energy-efficiency standards, we continue to push for more efficient appliances and buildings—helping save people money, create jobs, and reduce pollution in the process.

Policy Solution

We are pushing for smart policy changes so that we can create a cleaner, more efficient national electrical grid.


We help shape and secure policies that expand the market for clean energy to reduce the threat of climate change and make the air safer to breathe.

NRDC in Action

In the race to promote fuel efficiency and lower vehicle pollution, Roland Hwang is firmly in the lead.

Policy Solution

With the Clean Power Plan in place, we are defending its carbon pollution limits and making its goals a reality.

Policy Solution

From warheads to uranium mines to waste piles, we try to reduce the dangers of nuclear energy.