NRDC Statement on Removal of Petroleum Reduction Goal from SB 350

It's a sad day when oil industry lies stand in the way of clean air, but if the industry thinks they have won a victory, it will be short-lived. California's leadership and communities across the state are more determined than ever to reduce petroleum dependence. Governor Brown, Pro Tem De León and Speaker Atkins today rejected a bum deal to roll back California's existing authority to set standards for cleaner cars, cleaner fuels and cleaner communities which are already moving us in that direction. Left intact are historic milestones to increase California's share of renewable energy to 50 percent and double energy efficiency savings statewide by 2030. NRDC will keep working with the Brown administration and leaders in the State Senate and Assembly to cut petroleum dependence and its devastating impacts on the health and wellbeing of Californians.


Ann Notthoff, California Advocacy Director, NRDC (
Alex Jackson, Legal Director California Climate Project, NRDC (


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