Fracking activity leading to billions of dollars in road damage

At NRDC we strongly support good jobs for all American workers. The oil and gas industry, however, tends to discuss only the costs of environmental safeguards, and only the benefits of industry growth. But sound economic analysis requires a hard look at both costs and benefits of different actions to fully understand the impacts. Otherwise, society can end up with billions of dollars in unanticipated costs or harmful environmental pollution. 

The latest example? The Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently reported that it would cost $2 billion, and perhaps more, to repair local Texas roads that have been damaged by the oil and gas industry-- "And that doesn't include the costs of maintaining interstate and state highways."

Johnson County official stated that only 60 percent of the roads in his precinct are in good condition,  and that truckers often carry more than the legal weight limit.

A related topic is driver safety. I've already blogged about how weak safety rules for truck drivers in the oil and gas industry lead to deaths--now these drivers may also have to contend with less safe roads.