New source of information for Americans facing oil and gas drilling in their communities

Chappel pit.jpg

NRDC is very pleased to announce the launch of: Don't Get Fracked, a toolkit for citizens around the country looking for sources of information on the permitting and drilling processes, legal rights, environmental information, health resources, local organizations working on these issues, and more. 

We are regularly contacted by people from across the country who have learned that oil or gas drilling is coming to their neighborhood and are seeking credible information on what to expect, how to prepare, their rights, and what they can do to protect the land, water, air, and health in their communities. Many people are alarmed by the thought of oil and gas operations in their backyard, as happened to this family in Pennsylvania that had a giant waste pit for a neighbor:

Don't Get Fracked aims to help citizens with information on where to turn. The oil and gas industry is expanding by leaps and bounds, and individual citizens do not have the same resources as large corporations. We know the environmental impacts of oil and gas exploration and production can be quite significant, including dangerous air pollution, drinking water contamination, and very serious health symptoms that families and their physicians report are related to living near oil and gas operations. State and federal regulations are inadequate, with loopholes for the industry and rules that have not been sufficiently updated to protect public health and the environment. State enforcement of oil and gas rules is also too weak. It is therefore essential that citizens do what they can to protect themselves, and report anything of concern to authorities.

NRDC wants to hear from you. The webpage is an initial source for people looking for information. We will continue to update it, so please send us any information you think would be valuable to add. And let us know if you are concerned about development in your community or have first-hand experience with the environmental and health impacts of living with oil and gas production.