President Obama states the risks of natural gas production

Yesterday, President Obama held a town hall discussion on energy in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. He discussed a wide range of issues including renewable energy, energy efficiency, oil prices, electric vehicles, how we will reach a clean energy future, and more. The transcript is available on line, as is a video of his remarks

Regarding natural gas, President Obama discussed the role the fuel may have to play in our energy portfolio as we transition to a clean energy future. He stated, however, that it is still a fossil fuel. The President also stated that:

  • natural gas production might affect the water that we drink or the air that we breathe;
  • we need scientific research to make sure that the natural gas that we have in this country is extracted in a safe way;
  • we’ve got to make sure that, when natural gas is extracted from underground, the chemicals that are being used don’t leach into the water.

NRDC believes that the President was absolutely correct in his statements and we applaud him for highlighting the need for much more research based on the best available science to fully understand the risks of natural gas production and the threats to clean water, clean air, communities, and the environment.

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