Why we need strong clean air safeguards for fracking: citizens report harmful fumes at fracking sites (video)

NRDC staff have been blogging a lot recently about the new safeguards about to be issued by EPA to control dangerous air pollution at natural gas fracking sites. NRDC, our partner groups, and technical experts have compiled hundreds of pages of hard data on the toxic fumes emitted at fracking sites, the health risks, the technical solutions readily available to control these emissions, and the positive economics for natural gas producers when they capture these emissions.

But it's not just the experts who are calling for cleaner air--it is also citizens living near fracking sites. Residents of the north Texas area known as the Barnett shale are reporting health symptoms including burning noses, heart palpitations, sinus pain, and headaches. What does a frack flowback operation actually look like? Check out this video (thanks to Earthworks):