California and Mexico - Good Neighbors Working Together for Clean Energy

With today’s signing of a new energy MOU, California and Mexico took another step in the march to a clean energy future. Mexico is already committed to getting 35% of its energy from renewable sources by 2024 and California is on target to produce 33% of its electricity from clean energy by 2020. Today they agreed to do more. The potential for solar, geothermal and wind energy development in the border region is particularly promising. By working together, sharing information and technology exchange, California and Mexico can jump start a shared clean energy economy, bringing much needed jobs while cutting carbon pollution. 

Transmission will be key to get new clean energy to where it’s needed. Making the most of the existing electricity grid, prioritizing energy efficiency and building any new infrastructure that is needed in places with the least environmental conflicts are lessons that can extend across the border into Mexico to help build a responsible, sustainable energy future for both countries.


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