Oh, The Places You Won't Go: House Drops Housing + Transportation Bill

Word’s now out that the House of Representatives has pulled the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and other agencies bill from consideration. They couldn’t get the votes together for it, which is probably just as well since it was a terrible offering. Here is a tribute to this unsurprising development from a chamber that's making a habit of not legislating, with apologies to Dr. Seuss:

In the village of DCville there was a Grinchy sort of House

Which liked to fight, liked to yell, and liked to joust.

The older Senate passed a bill called THUD

Which could help neighborhoods and do some good.


But the House was a mean old sort,

Kind of like another villain named “you-know-who”

It said “Let’s invest less in bridges, buses and trains!”

Although that took little brain.


The House took a TIGER and turned it to a mouse.

And then, the House saw neighbors in distress

Then grimly slashed a program that helps clean up the mess.

Community Development Block Grants, boring though it sounds

Sends support to those in need, wherever they are found.


In short, this House version of THUD

Was really and truly a dud.

So all I can do is applaud

That it's mired in House partisan mud.