California Waiving Water Quality Standards in the Delta?

Today, the state and federal governments announced that they are requesting a waiver of water quality standards in the Delta in February, in order "to preserve cold water needed for salmon habitat as well as water supplies necessary for drought relief."  California is in its third dry year, and it's clear our salmon populations are suffering under California's drought conditions. But the health of California's endangered fish species are a symptom, not the cause, of our water woes, and today's announcement is further evidence that we need to look to solutions that more efficiently use our existing water supplies and invest in water recycling and other alternatives that do not jeopardize the health of our native fish species. NRDC will carefully review the proposal that is filed to ensure that upstream deliveries and pumping levels preserve sufficient cold, clean water for fish and people throughout the year. 

Today's announcement also highlights the need for all of us to conserve water this year.  The more water we can save this year, the more water there will be for our neighbors, our communities, and our environment.  For more tips and ideas for how to save water this year, check out this webpage.