Join Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Me at a New York City Town Hall

Tomorrow night I have the honor of introducing Bobby Kennedy Jr. at a free event open to the public in New York City. Bobby will be talking about "Our Environmental Future," and I invite you to join us for an evening with America's most powerful environmental communicator.

It can be challenging to express the value of preserving the environment to a broader American public. Yet no one is more effective at this than Bobby.

Bobby has worked with NRDC for years, and I have seen time and again how he can captivate a roomful of people and inspire them to action. This is partly due to his famous oratory skills, but it is also a result of his passion, which becomes contagious.

Bobby is devoted to protecting our nation's commons--our lakes, rivers, wildlands, even our air--from corporate greed and dangerous pollutants. He is especially committed to ending the egregious practice of mountaintop removal mining for coal.

When Bobby describes his work in the field or taps into his extensive knowledge of energy-company practices, he vividly illustrates the hazards of our addiction to dangerous energy. When people ask him about nuclear power, for instance, he says, "I am all for nuclear energy if we can make it economical and safe. Right now it is neither. It is still the most catastrophically expensive method every devised for boiling a pot of water."

But Bobby doesn't just reveal the absurdities of our current energy policy. He points the way to a brighter future. He outlines the cleaner, more sustainable solutions that can power our economy without endangering our children's health or our natural legacy.

What are these clean energy technologies? Bobby will discuss them in his talk, and I will also describe them briefly myself.

Last week, I released my first book, Clean Energy Common Sense. A pocket-sized, 99-page, quick read, it is a concise overview of the dangers of climate change and the solutions that will end this crisis, jumpstart our economy, and strengthen our national security.

I will talk a little bit about the book tomorrow night, because Bobby and I both share a deeply held belief: Now, while our leaders are gathering in Washington, China, and Copenhagen to figure out how to confront global warming, Americans can do three things to create a more sustainable future--get involved, learn more, and take action.

You can start by coming to tomorrow night's event at Town Hall (123 W. 43rd Street). If you are interested in attending, you can found out more and RSVP at here or on Facebook.