Lawmakers Watch NRDC's film ACID TEST on Capitol Hill

I was on Capitol Hill yesterday, with my dear friend Sigourney Weaver and Senator Lautenberg, to do a screening of NRDC's new film Acid Test, and to talk about how to protect our oceans from carbon pollution.

The timing was just right. We knew that on Wednesday, Senators Boxer and Kerry were introducing the Clean Jobs and American Power Act--a bill that will reduce our carbon pollution and create jobs and prosperity at the same time.

I was delighted that we had a packed house - including many Hill staffers, members of the press, and Congressmen Jay Inslee (WA) and Brian Baird (WA).

We are especially grateful to Sen. Lautenberg who is leading the fight to protect our oceans, including securing more funding for research to turn back ocean acidification.

You can watch Sigourney talking about the dangers we face and the need to protect our oceans and our planet, here: